Discredited Liar Paul Cameron Invited To Speak To Russian Parliament

Paul Cameron

The Family Research Institute hate group founder and anti-gay liar Paul Cameron was invited to give expert testimony to the Russian Parliament in support of their anti-gay laws and ostensibly in support of "family values." For whatever reason, the fact that Cameron's works have been discredited since at least 1985 when he was censured by the American Sociological Association, which happened after he was expelled from the American Psychological Association, did not give pause to the Russian lawmakers. One in particular, Alexander Sidyakin, tweeted enthusiastically throughout the entire testimony, seeming to savor every ounce of Cameron's verbal Santorum.

Unsurprisingly, none of Cameron's claims or statistics, like the one where 27% of all homosexuals have engaged in pedophilia, were challenged or questioned. While most sensible politicians would attempt to glaze over this fact, Sidyakin bragged about it, gleefully tweeting to a reporter who noticed a lack of an opposing viewpoint:

"Exactly! We didn’t even invite a second point of view."