Dominic Cooper to Play Freddie Mercury?


Dominic Cooper is the latest actor being floated for the role of Freddie Mercury in a Queen biopic to which Sacha Baron Cohen was attached.

Daniel Radcliffe was falsely attached to the project last week by a UK tabloid, and the publication floating the latest casting rumor lists "a trusted source" as the root of the last report, so take it with a grain of salt, although physically Cooper is far closer to Mercury than Radcliffe was.

Above, Cooper in The Devil's Double.


  1. Adrenan P says

    Why are gay bloggers still fixated on a closet case like Freddie Mercury? He wasn’t exactly a good role model.

  2. says

    “Role Models” are beside the point. It’s a fantastic story, and as “Behind the Candelabra” show we’ve got a lot to learn about lives lived in the closet — especially when done so beneath a “flamboyant” exterior.

    Dominic Cooper is Smokin’ Hot and would make an excellent Freddie — provided the film tells the real story.

  3. Doug says

    Great choice … and he can sing (albeit not as well as Freddie himself). I’d love to see this movie as long as they don’t try to sanitize it too much. That’s my primary fear.

  4. Rowan says

    This is actually a good choice. Baron was not and can not act without being cartoonish. I usually find Copper terrible but he seems to be good at impersonations, like as Saddam’s son in the above shot.

  5. Henry Holland says

    1. Farrokh Bulsara (aka Freddie Mercury) was not gay, he was bisexual. The love of his life was a woman named Mary Austin, to whom he left the bulk of his estate and his fabulous Kensington house.

    2. He was “out”, there’s his quote “I’m as gay as a daffodil, my dear” for just one example. What he hid from the public was his HIV status, until literally the day he died.

    “provided the film tells the real story”

    It won’t, it’s why SBC left the project, because Roger Taylor and Brian May have no interest in a cinema-verite style movie. There’s the infamous party in New Orleans that lasted three days, with naked women walking around with plates of cocaine etc., that stuff would never be shown.

    No need for some stupid movie, just play the first five Queen albums, he was a great songwriter, a fantastic musician and easily one of the very best vocalists in pop music history.

  6. Jude says

    Like others have said Freddie Mercury was one of, if not the best overall musician. His knowledge in music, the way he was brought up, is a great story. Slowly people are finding out he was Persian. Who would have thought this? His voice is like no other. Could it be because of his upbringing in India and Zanzibar he was able to learn how to use ones voice? The man led a fascinating life. He wasn’t a media whore like the talentless people we have today.

    This could easily be an Oscar for Dominic if everything is done correctly. The movie ends right after Queen’s historic Live Aid 1985 appearance.

  7. Chris says

    Who came up with the concept that the subject of a movie, gay or straight, must be a rolemodel? Movies are about stories, not role models. Some of the best biopics have been about flawed characters, if not outright villains. I just don’t understand why some commenters feel the need to repeat that Freddie,or Liberace, or whoever aren’t good role models, as if that were the criteria for a good story. Wouldn’t movies about “good role model” characters be boring?

  8. Frank says

    Im 42, I dont need a role model. Id just like to see the story as a movie and I think that SBC was really into telling the real story and would have done it well. And Im not sure that Freddie Mercury’s love of his life was a woman, I think it may have been c*ck. I think It may have been c*ck becasue if it were not for his love of c*ck he would probably still be alive today.

  9. Rick says

    Adrenan P: as an alias of Rick, your entire purpose in life is to advocate for gay men to be masculine and pass as straight. You don’t get to comment on who our role models should be. In fact if you had any sense of decency you’d stop posting on this site all together..

  10. Quicksilver says

    Sadly the rest of Queen has already stated they want a washed-out PG version of his life for this biopic. And since they control the rights to the music and Queen trademark, they have full control over any true biopic’s verisimilitude.

  11. CC says

    @Frank Freddie Mercury wrote a song titled Love of My Life specifically for a woman living in his home today and he made sure she would be taken care of for the rest of her life. So what if he was bi-sexual. He composed great music, great singer & great rock frontman. His music is the only thing that matters.

  12. Tazz602 says

    Doesn’t matter, since the band and people who hold the rights refuse to allow him to be shown as he really was, just a whitewashed version of Freddie Mercury – Sacha Baron Cohen would have been perfect.

  13. Adrenan P says

    Who am I kidding? I’m the biggest closet butt-nut going. I work at the glory hole center blowing dudes all day. I’ll die of AIDS too one day!

  14. Cindy says

    I kept thinking to myself “who would be a good Freddie Mercury? Do they need someone who can sing? Do they need someone who can work the stage like Freddie did?” Then I see this picture of Dominic Cooper. Wow. Amazing likeness. I hope he’s a “ham” like Freddie, and has a British accent too. That would be the icing on the cake.

  15. alrighty says

    Why not PG it? Good acting does not need an R rating. I would like this movie to be more of a tribute to the Freddy that the fans loved and still do. No an expose’