1. YsoSerious says

    Damn, Ms. Peterson looks amazing for 62. That she is FINALLY being asked to do ‘Mom’ roles is a testament to her fierceness. I’ve seen 32 year old women cast as ‘Moms’ with supposed teen aged children.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL @ “RuPaul, update the car. 1990s want it back.”

    VISO, you made me go to those web sites which claim to know a celebrity’s net worth. All three of them I went to listed Rupaul at 4 million dollars. I guess that’s how you become a millinaire by driving old cars.

    Four million…well, he deserves it– he werked for it.

  3. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    The car is what makes the video; Cassandra is what makes this a classic clip. Love her.

  4. Hank Plante says

    I worked with Cassandra at KHJ/Ch. 9 TV in L.A. when she first started her Elvira character. She is absolutely one of the greatest people on the planet, and a lifelong supporter of her LGBT friends.