1. anon says

    You need a Mike Wallace track-you-down style of journalist to put an unfriendly microphone in front of his face and ask the tough questions. Or maybe Michael Moore.

  2. jamal49 says

    Well, it’s long overdue that we ask the tough questions of these reprehensible evangelical bigots. But, the idea of Bryan Fischer have sex in any context is, like, a major EEEEEWWWWW!!!!

  3. Marc says

    What a miserable way of viewing the world. I’m so glad I’m not this man. Even though I grew up in an environment that embraced and encouraged “repenting of sin” I quickly learned that I had no interest in denying myself the love and joy of activities that brought pleasure to me and harmed no one else. I’m sorry to see they are so stuck. Maybe they’re happy, and if so, good for them. I could never live that way.

  4. Bill says

    Bryan Fisher needs a grammar coach. Baring an undisclosed medical condition, he obviously can have sex with a man, although he would prefer not to do that (or so he says).

  5. Bill says

    @Anon: Michael Moore once used a highly directional microphone to pick up what a CEO was saying – they cut off a question and answer period to prevent Moore from asking a question at a shareholders’ meeting and they caught the CEO gloating about this stunt.

    Wouldn’t you like to hear what Fisher is saying when he thinks the microphone is off?

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