1. Gigi says

    Let me get this straight. Alleged anti-christian “bullying” [telling them they can no longer attack gay people] is bad, but decades of anti-gay bullying by christians was A-OK becuase, you know…the bible. Ok.

  2. Ralke says

    seriously? bryan fisher is like the poster demon for hate mongering. i usually don’t like even how the gay media reports him, like he’s some kind of clown…no, he is evil and is an advocate for real violence in this world. there needs to be a more mature, serious takedown of him and all his peers. NOW.

  3. sundayboy says

    Conservatives want our rights to come from God so that they can restrict them to the people most deserving of God’s favor: themselves.

    They want our rights to come from God so they can overlook the fact that we live in a secular democracy, not a Christian theocracy.

    If you have rights, they say, it’s because God gave them to you. If you don’t have rights, they say, it’s because God disfavored you, and He always will, so you’ll be permanently out of luck.

    Handy, eh?

  4. Fenrox says

    They are a well respected christian ministry, they just ALSO are an anti-gay hate group filled with jerks. You can be more than one thing.

  5. Onnyjay says

    Diversionary tactics, people: it’s all about the bucks, big bucks to the fascist right from the mouth breathers, as long as the AFA and their unindicted co-conspirators (rhymes with “Coke”) can keep public attention focused on them dirty queers and away from the looting of America’s treasure by the corporate oligarchy.

  6. jamal49 says

    Each and every passing day, I loathe evangelical christians more and more and more. We must rid America of this evangelical pestilence.

  7. Mark says

    The evangalical right in the US is making the USA a laughing stock in the rest of the Western world. Cruz, anyone?

  8. Queer Supremacist says

    What’s the difference between a church and a hate group?

    Hate groups are more honest about their intentions.

  9. mike/ says

    “… claimed it represented increasingly hostile military environment for Christian service members.”

    and what about the hostile military environment that christian service members held towards lgbtq? oh, see! that’s a different story. their magic book gives them permission – NOT! read you magic book & ESAD!!!

  10. walter says

    fox and friends hosted by three of the dumbest people in television today . douchey is the male michele bachmann