Funkybod Undershirt Offers Instant Pecs, No Hard Work Required

For the man who can't be bothered to use his gym membership but still wants a Gaston-like level of pectoral girth, London-based Funkybod has the undershirt for you. The £50 garment "gives the effect of an improved posture with a natural looking balance all-round" thanks to padded implants for the pecs and arms that they swear feel just like the real thing. Alternatively, one could lift some weights and actually develop the real thing and avoid pool party awkwardness altogether, but it's still a better option than silicone implants or synthol injections.


  1. redball says

    Anything to make human beings hate their natural beauty and shovel their $ into the pockets of corporations. NICE.

  2. redball says

    Excy, very true!

    On a less radical note than my last comment: These shirts seemed to be gravely flawed in their construction. Wouldn’t it be blatantly obvious from the stitchwork that the “pecs” are not real? I mean, you could get away with it from several yards away, but up close?? o_O

  3. denizo says

    This is easily the stupidest product of the year and for that I think it should win some richly deserved prize.

  4. says

    The protein-drinking, gym addicted, bathroom iphone self-snapshot, muscle worship bunnies belong to each other.

    Definitely prefer guys whose bodies are results from helping their parents, elderly neighbors and others with heavy works.

  5. whitneyisadude says

    Andy Towelette… You don’t even lift.

    This shirt is embarrassing. I’d be laughing all the way back to the train after this came off.

  6. Jay says

    This is obviously meant for classy guys who don’t have sex on their first date. It is about creating an illusion and luring in a potential partner.

  7. redball says

    Lenolaboy: Ah, thanks. That detail makes sense now.

    But the shirt still makes no sense in the broader sense (re: my first comment).

  8. Joey Y says

    I don’t care how much a guy take selfies or if he got a hot body via a gym or manual labor as long as he didn’t feel the need to cheat with stunts like this or steroids. It’s the dedication and hard work I respect.

  9. JMC says

    lmao okay so I think we all laughed at this shirt, but am I the only one who laughed even harder at Andy Towlette saying he only finds bodies sculpted purely from helping the elderly people in his town who for some reason have a ton of heavy sh!t laying around their properties that need to be moved with such frequency that local good samaritans are developing slamming hot bodies from doing their charity work?? lol

  10. Robert says

    Dumb. The best part about a chest is the nipple, anyway. A tiny mosquito bite nipple is sad, not a flat chest.

  11. Sam says

    @Jay and Tristram: Now men can feel as equal to their fake titty-ed gal pals when the intimate moment arrives to take off his falsies before sex. Next will be strap-on rectal labias. Bwahahahahahahaa!!!

  12. stevetalbert says

    I think this is meant for guys who get blow jobs in backroom bars. The shirt stays on cuz taking it off would mess up their toupee.

  13. Mike says

    I do not like the whole idea of false advertising! See them coming out with “hung” shorts next. Then again, I knew a girl once who use to sew buttons, (turned backwards) on some of her bras. Maybe guys wearing this phony undershirts could try that . . .

  14. says

    As a “big” boy I think this would be absolutely hilarious to wear! Pecs, arms, and a belly … I’d finally look like my inner muscle bear!

  15. AngelaChanning says

    At least with Spanx, one is squeezing in what they already have, which makes it a bit less fraudulent than this Finkybod product. Lols. While this does give us a good laugh, Redball does bring up a good point, especially among some gay men that feel one needs the perfect body type. The only way I would use this shirt is if I needed it for a Halloween costume. :-)

  16. Graphicjack says

    It’s lame, but since companies are already making padded underwear for men (junk and/or glute enhancement) it was only a matter of time before this came out. I don’t care that much about a rockin’ bod… But here’s an idea… If ou don’t want to go to the gym, and that’s fine, then how about working on your self esteem? Yes, gay men are totally shallow, but I want to love myself and be loved for who I am, not whether I have pecs or abs of steel.

  17. the crystal methodist says

    Hey STEVETALBERT, Don’t knock getting bj’s in backroom bars!! It’s one of the best things about being gay imo- if only for the fact that it repels the prissy, prudish little A-list queens (who are usually the first on their knees)…

  18. Christian says

    …and then when u get him home, and shirt comes off you are like OMG ewwww and toss him out….