1. Lucas H says

    That’s kinda awesome. I hope she goes. The Ranger said it is only 2 weeks away though so chances gotta be pretty slim even if she wants to go with him.

  2. Bob R says

    Hmm. Fascinating. I didn’t know the Army had balls. I know the Marines do. I never knew the Army did. I don’t think their balls are that big, at least not as big as the Marine Corps balls.

  3. EchtKultig says

    Where’s Rick to have a conniption when you need him? A masculine gay man worships a woman! Quelle horreur! I’d be asking Matt Bomer myself…

  4. Francis #1 says

    I’ve always liked how even the most masculine gay/bi boys out there love the female pop stars like Madonna, Katy, Britney. There’s something adorable in that although I know many don’t see it that way. Yes, that’s a stereotype and I know it doesn’t speak to all gay/bi guys, but it’s something I’ve always liked.

    Obviously Ken has probably dealt with some homophobia within the military so it’s great he has something/someone to turn to, to get him through. I hope Katy at the very least responds to Ken.

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