1. keith says

    I would like to ask these hypocrits if they have read the bible and if so how many marriage certificates have they signed of second, third, or more marriages? being from the south I have seen the hypocrisy of the Baptists at its best.

  2. Paul Weidig says

    North Carolina is a reeking cesspool of bigotry and stinking hatred. Nonetheless, we need to plunge our hands into the excrement and lift up those mired in it to breathe the fresh, clean air of love and acceptance. We can’t afford just to treat our hateful adversaries with the same execrable attitudes that sustain their benighted lives. We need to reach out to them with respect and an attitude toward lifting the darkness from their hearts.

  3. disgusted american says

    North Carolina is a reeking cesspool of bigotry and stinking hatred….BINGO! ..and now alot of the residents Complain iof the Rightwing LOONS whom have taken over the state…..well thats what they voted for….BIGOTRY and HATRED to keep them thar gays from marrying…..FU NC, wouldnt waste a F’N penny in your hate state.

  4. John says

    I agree with Zack that “We will have justice in all 50 states, it’s only a matter of time.” Legally, that is. Many people in the south are still not over the fact that they lost the Civil War, so I’m not as optimistic that those folks will embrace marriage equality any time soon.

  5. Patrick says

    Are the people who comment on this site like seven years old? Wherever you live, your state hasn’t had legal gay marriage for very long. Thirty-five states have gay marriage bans, 29 of them constitutional. North Carolina democrats held off a constitutional ban (and protected abortion rights, sustained a great public university system, etc.) until after national democrats bungled the politics of health care and turned governments across the country (including the United States House of Representatives, if you need reminding) over to the republicans. So thanks for that. And I don’t remember anyone getting beat down in the street for being gay around here lately.

  6. TonyJazz says

    Sorry, Patrick, but the democrats didn’t bungle health care. Democrats were also unable to outspend our unshackled billionaires who bought the House of Reps after the Roberts court decision.

    I don’t blame you for being resentful, as many other states are also run by bigots. However, NC has tried to portray itself as a moderate state, instead of being one of the backward deep South.

    Unfortunately, it does remain part of the deep South…

  7. Joe says

    The voters of North Carolina already made their voices heard and they opted to protect marriage.

    “I’m hoping that [the protest] will start changing people’s minds,” he said.” – that’s like asking if people who want to marry their siblings or parents could change others mind with a protest.

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