1. Howard says

    Will this never end? Why do people insist in making such a personal, private moment a public spectacle?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m recently married myself, but why is this news?

  2. Perry says

    What is wrong with people and this unhealthy desire/need to post every aspect of their lives (even the most private of moments) online for everyone (beyond friends and family) to see? Are they that desperate for attention and fame? Congratulations to them but seriously, enough is enough with all these fame seeking whores.

  3. Zack says

    SOme people like to blog/vlog. Sometimes it works,other times it doesn’t like with the gay marine couple featured on here.
    They broke up and then found out that yes,putting your whole life on line means you won’t get any privacy for a break up either.

  4. John says

    While I understand fully people’s annoyance at self-promotion through the publicising of intimate moments, I must say that videos such as these can be that glimmer of hope needed by those who have to hide in the closet in order to survive.

    It isn’t easy being gay. It isn’t easy waking up everyday and reading news, which goes unnoticed in the mainstream, about the pain inflicted upon the queer community. It isn’t easy knowing that at any moment in time, should a hideous regime take power, or should public opinion sway against us, we would easily find ourselves in harm’s way, and all of the progress we have made destroyed. We are forever vulnerable to the ignorance of others.

    This is why it is nice to take a break from that leaden weight and see, hear and read of queer people living happy and love-filled lives, a light for those of us in the dark. Like most of us, Will and R.J. are perfectly imperfect people. They have decided to share their lives with others in the hopes of making their followers feel less alone and more hopeful and making the rest of the world a little less ignorant. When they started vlogging daily at the beginning of last year, they had fewer than 15k subscribers, and soon they will reach the 100k subscriber milestone. I have been watching Will’s videos since early 2009 and it has been great seeing him find love and build a life full of promise for himself. We should all be so lucky.

    They have helped me a lot more than they will ever know and I wish them good health and all the happiness they can find together in the decades to come.

  5. Thurts says

    They are my favorite couple on YouTube. I am not surprised that they shared this moment with all of their subscribers. I am very happy for Will and RJ. Also, side note: RJ once wrote for Towleroad, so I am assuming that is one big reason why Andy posted it.

  6. Thurts says

    They are my favorite couple on YouTube. I am not surprised that they shared this moment with all of their subscribers. I am very happy for Will and RJ. Also, side note: RJ once wrote for Towleroad, so I am assuming that is one big reason why Andy posted it.

  7. Reggie777 says

    Here’s a novel idea for the haters. If you don’t want to see or hear about some happiness in the world, don’t look. If you see an article here that you don’t approve of, then, move on to the next article, or better yet to the next blog. Please don’t presume to speak for all when you insist on stifling some of the happy news. Best wishes to Will and RJ. and Dobby.

  8. OB says

    REGGIE777: If you want to play the Church Lady and pretend everything is sweetness and light, be my guest. Some have different and contrary views. While we can respect your compliance, we can both co-exist. We’re Gay too. Do all heteros agree? And “haters” is a dated word. It went out in 2012. Best wishes.

  9. RYWJ says

    Maybe some people are tired of news of gay proposals and gay marriages, but we must understand that each couple’s relationship and their journey is unique. Maybe some of you just see them as “another gay couple”, but for people like me who have watched all 600+ of their videos, their engagement is something very special. It feels just like seeing your close friends finally settle and get to spend the rest of their lives with someone they love. If you don’t care, it’s okay. There about 100,000 of us (people who watch their videos on a regular basis)who care.

    I don’t understand why some people are unhappy about others sharing their live on the internet. It’s their freedom whether to share their lives, and it’s your freedom whether to watch. Why judging people’s lifestyles when they are not hurting anyone?

    I guess I’ve spent too much time responding to the haters. I almost forgot that I came here to send my best wishes to Will and RJ, and Dobby.

  10. G says

    These are one of the most genuine people on earth and I wish them the best! No relationship is perfect but I know I’ll be there with them through ups and downs.

  11. Aussie54 says

    Well said, G. You only have to read some of the subscriber comments on Shep689’s YouTube channel to see how much people appreciate Will and RJ blogging every day.

    Hugs and congratulations to both of them.

  12. Endora says

    Hey Reggie , If you don’t want people commenting on your behind then don’t wear a speedo to the beach. By the same token, if you don’t like the comments then confine yourself to the pablum/article.

  13. Dback says

    Me and my partner got married on October 14th 2000 in San Jose; it’s also a commemorative date of one of the first major gay marches on Washington. So they have lots of great karma going for them, and I say mazel tov. :)

  14. Sudipta says

    Many may not like to see other’s proposal videos, but many of us do. I’ve been watching Will and RJ for 2 months, and I wish I could explain in words what they mean to me. How they have helped me to change my minds toward LGBT! I’m straight,and also used to have same narrow minded thoughts about homosexuality. Homosexuality used to be a only sassy girly version of a man to me. I used to make fun of them. But after watching Will and RJ’s videos things have changed for me. Because of them, now I can stand by my friend who is gay and suffering to coming out. People like Will and RJ are like emotional supports for my friend now. I deeply appreciate what Will and RJ doing for people. Cause filming your daily life is not an easy thing to do. I wish them a beautiful life together.

    Just because you are not interested, you can’t ask people to stop posting these kind of news, or stop filming their engagement proposals!! It’s even good to see some love around, it makes your mind and thoughts beautiful. But some haters would never change!!!

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