1. Tyler says

    Steve: seeing as you’re a nondescript nobody and a major troll, I’m not surprised that you’d feel the need to rain negativity all over this comment thread.

  2. says

    I came OUT nationally in May of 1977,when I created the ANITA BRYANT’s HUSBAND IS A HOMO SAPIEN! T-shirt via United Press International.I have been openly gay to my friends since 1960. I quit a Chicago high school in 1953 because I had “Those” tendencies and then it was taboo just to know someone queer,let a lone be gay! I am glad to say… Chicago has turned into a great gay friendly city and last year was I honored to be inducted into the Chicago Senior Citizen Hall of Fame for my continuous work for GLBT Community.

  3. Jerry6 says

    At 86, I guess my coming out as Gay was when my Boy Scout Master put me in the “Queer” Patrol of our Troop in 1939. (In those days, the Boy Scouts was all inclusive. Why did it change?) The other three Patrols were ‘Strait” (At least that is what they were supposed to be.) At Summer Camp no one but the life guards wore bathing suits when we went swimming in the lake.

    What happened that made the human Body something to be ashamed of? If “GOD” did not want us to be proud of what he made us look like, He would have covered us all over with thick hair.

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