1. jamal49 says

    With each and every passing day, with each and every news report of such comments from these shameless bigots, I loathe and despise evangelical christians more and more and more. I am now firmly convinced that the only good evangelical is a non-breathing evangelical, firmly interred six feet under.

  2. MaryM says

    How many people listen to Harvey’s radio show?

    Is it even 10,000?

    Why is Towleroad promoting these exremists?

  3. Rich F. says

    “How DARE you make me beat the crap out of you!? THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!”

    This woman is vile.

  4. Frank says

    I am not inclined to PDAs. However, I am inclined to defend those attacked for same sex hand holding. I am inclined to defend them violently.

  5. Mike says

    Nice, blame the victim. So if her husband were to beat her and land her in the hospital, it would be her fault since she clearly doesn’t obey her man, as her lord commands.

  6. woodroad34 says

    These people expect others to be responsible and yet, they don’t take responsibility for their hate speech, mangling of facts and just out-and-out false logic and lying. Such demonic, ugly, spiritless meat bags.

  7. Akula says

    most of the population? Does she mean like the Middle East and Asia where two men holding hands is a sign of friendship and has nothing to do with sex? Both of these lifeforms are vile I won’t insult humans by refering to them as such.