1. DW says

    Umm? So no one asks him why he mentioned slavery? There are many ways of protesting the Affordable Care Act, if you choose to do so, without illogically linking it somehow to slavery. Couldn’t she at least have asked him what he meant by the sign rather than just repeating what he said? Like: “But how do you think Obamacare is linked to slavery? I don’t understand the linkage? Explain yourself.”

  2. Jack M says

    Ben Carson said Obamacare was the worst thing that has happened to American since slavery, so it would seem that all morons think alike, or maybe the restaurant guy got his idea from Carson.

  3. Robert says

    Actually, it’s worse than slavery, much worse. Everyone who has not read the bill, 9.999999% of America will find out between now and March 31, 2014. Everything Obama has said about the merits of this bill is a lie. 100% of his representations are false. Only a very small fraction of America will benefit from this insanity, if they can afford to participate. For everyone who has insurance, their lives will be turned upside down. Get ready.

  4. David says

    Hey Robert-
    Thousands of people have been accessing health insurance through the ACA for some time now. Haven’t heard of any life shattering problems. A huge media conspiracy I guess. Oh, and why ~10%? Why not make up some other totally random number?

  5. MIke says

    “Haven’t heard of any life shattering problems. ”

    Any person covered by insurance is having their deductible soar, moron. Our’s went up from one thousand to four. I’ve heard as high as a 12,000 dollar deductible in the Eastern states. Starting January 1st. All my employees were positively THRILLED with the news.

  6. Rowan says

    Robert, please can you explain why Obamacare is worse then what they have in the UK? Or Europe?

    AND all these countries have a much less poverty rate then the US.

    The NHS has helped him, my friends and family etc in the UK, please explain to me why YOUR Obamacare is revolutionary worse then health system that has been occurring in Europe for the past 60+ years??

    I don’t like dealing with people who are certifiable but damn, right wing people fascinate me in their loathing of other human beings who don’t look, act or think like them.


  7. Clay says

    I look forward to the day when my home state is in the news for something not embarrassing. I grew up in Rogers, but moved to the liberal oasis that is Fayetteville when I was 18. I sometimes forget how backwards this place can be. Oh Arkansas.

  8. MIke says

    Gee, Rowan, maybe Americans don’t want to be on welfare when it comes to medicine. Maybe you didn’t see the happenings a couple days ago when the EBT card glitch happened and mobs cleared the shelves at WalMart. One woman had .99 cents on her card and tried to make off with 700 dollars worth of food. Yeah, just wait until you get to stand behind that POS in the “free” clinic.

  9. crispy says

    “Actually, it’s worse than slavery, much worse.”

    I know, right! I was in line for a flu shot this morning, and I witnessed a child ripped from his mother’s arms and forced to work in cotton fields for the rest of his life. Damn Obamacare.

  10. DrunkEnough says

    It’s fun to watch bosses who claim to love the “American Dream” writhe in pain as they realize they can no longer get away with employing people at wages so low they don’t have the means to stay healthy.

  11. Bear says

    Mike=Huge Liar.

    Ok smartass…take a JPG of your healthcare premium statement from Before Obamacare and After Obamacare…then post a url to it so all of us can see your HUGE 300% mark-up on your health bill.


    We will wait, troll. But somehow I just get the feeling your full of shiit.

  12. Bear says


    An EBT glitch at Walmart doesn’t freaking mean TEAR DOWN THAT PROGRAM.

    They are Glitches. To Be Fixed.

    Get it? Not that a Troll would.

    Your country is ashamed of you.

  13. Jerry says

    I am originally from Arkansas, so I find it pretty embarrassing. You cannot imagine how hard it is to try to explain how some people are voting against their own best interest…so you stop trying. I was so lucky to grow up in such a beautiful state and raised by educated people and not be poisoned by the aggressive ignorance and racism there. They have a real slavery there called meth and the entire state is suffering horribly from it. They need to straighten that mess out. By the way, Arkansas is number TWO in the country of disability claims because it is a state full of government takers, so I think that deserves a mention.

  14. e.c. says

    Don’t know where these trolls live with their alleged increased costs. Here in California every person I know has told me they will be paying LOWER premiums, a LOWER deductable, have LOWER prescription costs and BETTER coverage overall. But maybe that’s just horrible liberal California.

  15. says

    I found a link a couple weeks back that allegedly said how much you’d pay under Obamacare. It appeared to be legit. A self-employed person making $70,000 a year would pay $500 a month. If this is true, I’m going to side with the right wing, because that is ridiculous.

  16. crispy says

    “It appeared to be legit. A self-employed person making $70,000 a year would pay $500 a month.”

    Doesn’t sound legit to me. First of all, there’s not 1 single Obamacare. There are a number of different plans you can purchase, each with different deductibles and types of plans (HMO, PPO, etc).

  17. says

    Yeah, much worse than slavery! Given the choice between enrolling in Obamacare and enrolling in slavery … I mean, come on, sign me up for slavery and watch my premiums go down!

    @Crispy: Remember the link, some link somewhere, “allegedly” said something, so it has to be 100% true.

  18. Dixichuk says

    Yea Mike. Welcome to the real world. $400/mo, 5k deductible has been standard out here in private pay for years. And that’s for a healthy person.
    ACA simply evens the field between those subsidized thru business or public with those who have been paying outrageous rates so you could get your great plan or go to the doc every time you cough. Sorry, not feeling your pain.

  19. AriesMatt says

    I love how Mike is blaming the ACA for changes in deductibles when it doesn’t even go into effect until Jan. 1.

  20. JimH says

    I live in Mass. where what is called Obamacare has existed for about six years. I have many plan choices and low costs. I’m in my sixties but still too young for Medicare and have no real health problems other than somewhat high cholesterol. I see my doctor every six months and take two prescriptions. The prescriptions cost $3.00 each for a ninety day supply. Doctor visits are a $10.00 copay. Each year I fill out one simple form and attach a copy of my Federal and State tax forms, several months later I receive notification of where I fit in the plan and what the monthly charge will be. The monthly charges have been as low as $35.00 and as high as $85.00 depending on my income for the previous year. The monthly charge is determined by earned income not what I have in investment accounts or a savings account or the value of my property. This allowed me to retire at 56 with very few problems. I no longer have to put up with the ‘Slavery’ of employer funded healthcare and allowed me to design my life as I want it to be. I wish everyone could have the same ‘health freedom’ I have.

  21. oncemorewithfeeling says

    I remain impressed that the Koch brothers apparently pay people to troll here. But I guess their billions can buy a lot of trolls.

    But couldn’t we get talented trolls, at least?

  22. Derrick from Philly says

    @ JIMH,

    thank you. I wish you could do a public service commerical (or political one) for the Affordable HealthCare Act. It’s refreshing and reassuring to hear the truth, and not all the right-wing Tea Party crap.

  23. MIke says

    LOL at the Pollyannas who can’t WAIT for ObamaCare. After all, enrollment has been a smashing success!

    And you idiot of course I’m complaining of deductibles that “don’t go into effect until January” you moron because they go into effect in January! Maybe one day you’ll own a business.

  24. Mikey DallasM says

    Just signed up in TX yesterday. I was in the high risk pool due to back issues and paying $820 a month with a $7500 deductible. I will now pay $512 a month with a $5000 deductible. Not as much of a change as I would have liked, but still much better.

  25. Endora says

    Robert- The ACA is working as intended. It’s an awful and poor substitute for Single Payer. Before it is over, America will be begging for Single Payer and the GOP will rubber stamp it.

    Medicare for all.

  26. anon says

    I currently pay $300 per month for insurance w/ very low deductibles, but got a vague letter from the insurance company that the plan will change next June when the current insurance term expires. I await until then to hear what this will cost me.

    The primary problems seem to be that part-time low wage workers will be required to buy insurance themselves on whatever they earn, so it gets expensive very quickly, or it’s better to pay the fine and wait until you get ill.

  27. UrbanMike says

    I think dumb racists signs my possibly do more harm to his business than Obamacare could ever achieve.