Killers of Daniel Zamudio, ‘Chile’s Matthew Shepard’, Found Guilty


Four men have been found guilty of the murder of gay Chilean Daniel Zamudio, whose brutal killing at the hands of neo-Nazis recalled that of Matthew Shepard.

Attackers_zamudioJudge Juan Carlos Urrutia said Thursday that Patricio Ahumada Garay, Alejandro Angulo Tapia, Raul Lopez Fuentes and Fabian Mora Mora are guilty of a crime of "extreme cruelty" and "total disrespect for human life."

Zamudio, was fatally beaten, stabbed, burned, and branded with a Swastika in March 2012. He spent several days clinging to life in a hospital before he died.

Zamudio's attackers were arrested shortly thereafter.

Zamudio's murder prompted the legislature to pass long-pending hate crimes legislation inclusive of sexual orientation just a week after the horrific crime. The legislation had been proposed seven years earlier.



  1. HoNo says

    Show us everything Towleroad. The description wasn’t enough. This rivals the dead Elvis on The National Enquirer. Geez…

  2. Steve says

    One day real soon, Andrew Sullivan will start explaining how this wasn’t really a hate crime, but was a five-way polyamorous relationship and drug ring gone bad.

  3. says

    Huh, Hono?

    Are you saying you want to see close-ups of his injuries or that a picture of him in a hospital bed is too much for your delicate sensibilities?

    If someone is “beaten, stabbed, burned, and branded with a Swastika,” then a news article should say so, not pussyfoot around about it. That isn’t National Enquirer style coverage, it’s the harsh ugly truth, just as it’s the truth Elvis died on the toilet.

  4. MNBear says

    And while the execution apparatus is being prepared, make ’em break rocks on a work crew whose call-and-response chants are derived exclusively from musical theatre.

    Sergeant: You are fifteen, going on sixteen…
    Prisoners: FELLAS WILL FALL IN LINE!!!!!!