1. Billy says

    Another segment on how people on the street are idiots. Okay Jimmy Kimmel we get it. It’s hard to find the humor in these considering people will say or do anything to be on TV.

  2. Rowan says


    Fox’s. Millions and millions watch Fox News. Barely anyone watches Kimmel. Apples and Oranges though I have a funny feeling that you know this but were trying to be snarky and facetious.

  3. Ken says

    While I’m sure they eliminated the knowledgeable people in the editing process, it’s true that the American public is pathetically ignorant overall. There’s a lot of money to be made exploiting stupidity and frankly people who can’t be bothered to even minimally educate themselves on important issues deserve what they get.

  4. johnny says

    “Barely anyone watches Kimmel.”

    Right, that’s why he holds a prime time TV position and has incredible ratings.


  5. oncemorewithfeeling says

    “Why can’t this segment be something that doesn’t make people like me look stupid?”

    “Why is Jimmy Kimmel always pointing out the same thing — that corporate media has the unwashed masses brainwashed?”

    “Why is anybody questioning the superior propaganda?”

    Quite the think tank in here today.

  6. StevyD says

    The survival of the Republican Party depends upon the ignorance of Americans. So of course, not only do they do everything in their power to promote it and reward it, they will use any means, whether unethical, demagogic or outright mendacious to ensure it.

  7. jomicur says

    “Americans suffer from an ignorance that is not only colossal, but sacred.” —James Baldwin

  8. Cisco says

    Since they did these interviews in the city where most likely the interviewee’s are democrats.

    So stop with the Fox Koolaide comments cause that is not who these people are.

    How many of you morons knew they were one in the same? My guess not many. I would gladly match up the IQ average of the people against the ACA with those who are for it.

  9. Robert says

    CISCO – first, “IQ” isn’t real. Second, the overwhelming percentage of people who received higher education from a college/university support the act. Because it’s fair, it’s right, and it makes f’ing sense. Which you’re not.

  10. disgusted american says

    ..and there you have it – dumbass uninformed merikkkan FOX news watchers……wow, they make us look like one STUPID ASS NATION!

  11. sugarrhill says

    CISCO, the interviews are being conducted on Hollywood Blvd., a major tourist attraction. Those being interviewed are probably tourists from the Midwest, the heartland.

  12. Lymis says

    So, this would indicate that Obama should “cave” and switch his support to the Affordable Care Act. On FOX.


  13. Tristram says

    My biggest laugh came from how KImmel’s audience didn’t actually laugh when he explained they were going to ask whether people preferred Obama Care or the Affordable Care Act – clearly they didn’t know they were the same thing either!

    America! F Yeah!

  14. JT says

    And this is the problem in our country. We are as STUPID as they come. No wonder foreigners can come from other countries and take our good paying jobs. I’m embarrassed for our citizenry as much as our politicians.

  15. gina says

    I don’t think Hollywood Blvd is a good cross section of American values or intelligence.

    I wonder how many people knew and they just didn’t get placed in the spot.