1. Jeff Kurtti says

    I just want to be there when GOD looks at these “Christians” and says, “What are you doing here? Haters don’t share in the wealth of my love. Nor do cheapskates and lousy tippers.”

  2. Tiger says

    What kind of messed up person do you have to be to write an entire paragraph using the word fag over and over? Jesus, people are frightening. (And yes, Jesus-people are frightening)

  3. Jack M says

    How disgusting to use a tip as an excuse to spout your non-Christian hatred! The names of those people should be spread around, then they can whine about how they are victims when people call them on their BS.

  4. Gregory In Seattle says

    I find it nauseating, how many self-described Bible-believing True Christians seem ignorant of their own damned scriptures. Matthew 25:31-46, anyone?

  5. Michael says

    Matthew 5:22

    But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his
    brother without a cause shall be in danger of the
    judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca,
    shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall
    say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

    —- There’s research which indicates the term “raca” is what we use as the f-word today. It’d be interesting to be at the Gates when Peter explains this one to them.

  6. yuninv says

    It’s entirely too low key for WBC. They would picket outside because one of the hated ones work there. They wouldn’t spend time writing an anonymous screed.

  7. says

    @ TIGER :
    To answer your question:

    Mean spirited, mean minded. mean pocketed people.tThey know nothing of generosity, nothing of; “the labourer is worhty of his hire”.
    You are discussing the small mindedness of shrivelled souls , of the old dry bones in the desert, of the loveless, ….of people who have no love and can give no love.And these dry sticks will preach as if they know anything.

    If there is a God, they are the damned……not the beautiful.

  8. Hawthorne says

    I hope the diners who left that message realize that their god doesn’t agree with them. He might smite them with holy wrath for being Pharisees. Uh oh …

  9. QJ201 says

    As a former waiter in Manhattan…I know I got shafted on tips because I am gay more than once. Like kiss ass excellent service and a crap tip from business men (more like under 30 chods and bros with fresh MBAs) in $1000 suits.

  10. RayJackonsMS says

    If Carrabba’s doesn’t tolerate discrimination from it’s customers, then have these two been banned? Calling the waiter a fag over and over is certainly grounds for them to be banned from the entire chain.

  11. Bryan L says

    Religious bigots are the worst. They think they know the mind of God. They do not. All they know is what another religious bigot wrote thousands of years ago.

  12. Todd B says

    I worked at a hotel’s espresso cart that would be set up for banquets & parties etc. the drinks were almost always “hosted” so people would usually tip pretty well which was nice- Id feel the love & would go home with some good $$. Until it was the parties or rallies for churchy people- OH & Amway…….. I would seriously go home sounding like a belly dancer with all the change I was left as tips- people would leave nickels & dimes if they left anything at all- im saying they would leave “a” dime or “a” nickel, & would give one of those coy smiles……. as if to say “i’ll also pray for you- and thats an even better tip”…… Id also get prayer cards in my tip jar- really!!!?? I appreciated any tip- but these just always made me feel so weird…..

  13. Peter says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the outcry against the bigots who left that note causes them to complain that they’re being victimized for freely expressing their religious beliefs.

  14. raul5050 says

    I appreciate the supportive tone of the reporting and I know it’s Kansas BUT when in the name of Shelia are people going to stop referring to being gay as a lifestyle. Wearing cowboy boot and a hat is a lifestyle, going ballroom dancing is a lifestyle. IS being str8 a lifestyle? They seem to only use the term when talking about gay people.

    Even the reference to the pastor and his, “homosexual” partner grated. The pastor and his wife…, why not the pastor and his partner, boyfriend, housekeeper..

    Editorial boards in newsrooms and papers STOP using this sort of language it prompts a second class citizenship notion that is outmoded and piss many of is off.

  15. jamal49 says

    With each and every news item such as this, I come to loathe and despise evangelicals and christians more and more. They are a vile pestilence, a fetid cancer on the American soul. America needs to purge itself of these foul spiritual and religious degenerates. The only good evangelical is an evangelical that is not breathing and is buried six feet under.

  16. Bernie says

    this story angers and sadden me…..and folks wonder why discrimination laws for sexual orientation are necessary……this is a perfect example and the patron’s behavior is NOT Christian or god like…….

  17. Jim says

    How did they know he was gay? Did he say, “Here’s your cheeseburger. I’m gay. Enjoy?” I suppose leaking the names of these people would be unethical and possibly expose the restaurant to civil action–but an anonymous tipoff to KCTV would be nice. Let’s track these SOBs down and teach them a lesson they’ll never forget.

  18. reality says

    This is a cheap excuse for cheap customers to not leave a tip. The note left for the waiter is completely unacceptable and not what it means to be religious.

  19. ratbastard says

    There’s 8 million stories in the naked city. Anyone who has had a ko dealing directly with the public can probably tell you stories that sound barely believable, but are. Rude behavior and poor tipping are not unusual, even in “enlightened” places like NYC. What makes a place like NYeven worse than some others is the high volume of foreigners, most of whom come from cultures where tipping isn’t done.

  20. Mary says

    In any restaurant I owned a customer who treated a waiter this rudely would be told not to return. Period. About the only good thing to come out of an episode like this s that people who are on the fence regarding gay issues may evolve and become more liberal after seeing the indignities that gay people still have to endure.

  21. Jay says

    BTW the restaurant should subtract a reasonable tip for the waiter from what the hateful couple already paid and put out an statement to the press. This should show them that they don’t have a monopoly on the grace of God.

  22. Vint says

    @Cyberman: the “check” in this case is “the bill in a restaurant”, not “a written order to a bank to pay a stated sum from the drawer’s account”.

  23. Mike says

    This is sickening! ☹ ANY news reporter deserving to be called as such be able to track these so called “Christians “down and expose them by name . . .

  24. I wont grow up says

    I put myself through college waiting tables in Manhattan in the late 60’s and early 70’s and was called fag, fairy, and all sorts of filthy names. My response was always the same. As I placed their food in front of them I would say “Your mistake was pissing me off BEFORE I brought your food”.
    Although I never did anything to their food, I knew I wasn’t getting a tip, and it certainly made the bastards think. I never got reported to the boss (I was sleeping with him).

  25. jamal49 says

    Rat, honey, I have half a notion to invite to come to NYC for a week or two so I can finally show you that you only make yourself sound like a bigger putz than you really are when you spout off about MY city as if you would know anything about it all. Here’s some advice in the meantime: shut the f*ck up.

  26. Regan DuCasse says

    So, there are some Christians trying to hide behind ‘religious freedom’ to NOT SERVE gay people.
    Then it’s Christian patrons trying to hide behind their religion to abuse gay people serving them.
    All this proves is that there are Christians who can’t play well with gay people, and they expect the gov’t to have laws that keep them from suffering any consequences or being held accountable to Christ’s commandment of “treating another as they’d be treated”.
    And apparently, it’s only Christians complaining. And how exactly is anyone supposed to know WHO is a Christian or who isn’t when they don’t exactly advertise, or use their religious beliefs all that consistently anyway?
    They make it impossible for everyone to figure out what to do with them anyway.
    Which is why: equal treatment under the law, or deal with the consequences.
    What part of THAT, can’t some Christians understand?

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