1. Mike Ryan says

    In all seriousness people – if we don’t boycott the Russian Olympics then we are abetting Russia’s anti-gay stance. We are cutting our own throats by NOT boycotting every sponsor, athlete and Russia itself if we turn our heads and pretend “it’s okay if we watch the Olympics, after all, they are the Olympics and the Olympics are a tradition. We are idiots if we don’t boycott the Russian Olympics.

    It can’t be made any clearer then that.

  2. Jack M says

    With all the conservative panic about Communism, you’d think these people would hesitate involving themselves in any type of politics with “evil empires” like Russia. But instead, hatred wins out, and the haters all flock together. All of a sudden, Russia isn’t such a threat to democracy anymore.

  3. dam846201 says

    Boycott the Sochi games; prosecute Brian Brown. Bryan Fischer and any other Communist sympathizers under the Logan Act for aiding & abetting the enemy. Sixty years ago, these men would have had to face the virulent McCarthy House UnAmerican Affairs Committee for their actions. It’s time for traitors to face the public and explain their actions!

  4. PeteP says

    If you want to hurt Russia, sell your Range Rover and buy a Prius. Russia’s economy is almost 100% dependent on oil exports. You are all spending $1000s more on gas each year than on Russian Vodka. Let’s focus our efforts on making a real difference.

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