1. anony6 says

    Who cares! Even if the bill musters a fillibuster proof 60 votes, its dead on arrival because no way in hell will the house pass an enda bill.

    NOthing but political theater here. And, things are not going to be changing anytime soon. Many of the house republicans come from newly jerrymandered districts. THe tea party house could retain their house majority for the next several elections.

  2. alex says

    It may be political theatre, but it could end up hurting Republicans during re-election campaigns. With gay marriage, it’s easy for politicians to cloak their homophobia under the guise of religion. But with ENDA, religion gets removed from the argument.

  3. Randy says

    The video wouldn’t play for me here, but when I went directly to Maddow’s site, it worked fine.

    Boehner will never let this pass, but it’s good to get Republicans on record this way, because even most conservatives support ENDA (and have for years).

    Q: does this ENDA include gender expression?

  4. Jaysus Crist says

    Seriously–it is DOA when it reaches the House. I’m so exhausted from the political intransigence we’ve seen over the past 5+ years. Reid needs to do more than assure us it will pass the Senate. He needs to assure us that he can get House members to vote for it, too. As it stands, it will remain legal to fire me just for being gay for a long, long, time to come.