Morrissey: I’m Not Gay, ‘I am Humasexual’


In response to reports about excerpts of his Autobiography emerged last week in which he describes his first relationship with a man, Morrissey has released a statement on his fan site setting the record straight.

Says Morrissey:

"Unfortunately, I am not homosexual. In technical fact, I am humasexual. I am attracted to humans. But, of course … not many".


  1. will says

    You mean Morrissey wants to be HUMAN and not LGBTQIA (where poeple refer to him themselves as “genderqueer” and “pansexual”)?

    By the way — how did people QUESTIONING their sexuality hitch a ride on the political train? And intersexed people? Is intersex different from trans? Can hermaprodites get their own “H” letter on our train?

  2. LiamB says

    You’re bisexual, get over it. Save that pretentious nonsense for the teen/twentysomethings that are still deluded that they are the first to experience something.

  3. anony6 says

    Anything to avoid being labeled as gay…smh.

    On another note, a “humansexual” is probably alot closer to being pansexual or queer, than it is to being bisexual.

    I say this because pan’s/queers are capable of being attracted to all sex’s AND genders. Whereas Bi’s are attracted to both sex’s, but typically only those sexs that align to their respective genders.

  4. will says

    I am only attracted to insects. Where’s MY letter on the LGBTQIA gravy train?

    By the way — asexuals get their own letter? What laws are THEY fighting to change? Asexuals are hardly discriminated against. We have to get them out of our alphabet soup because no perceived injustice is coming between them and life, liberty & their pursuit of happiness.

  5. Betty Treacle says

    Poor Morrissey. The 80s never really ended for him did they. He just comes across as a crochety old grandmother these days, with his quaint views on the Chinese. And now this classic – it’s what all the young self-hating gay guys were saying in 1984. Of course, it was understandable and kind of sweet considering the homophobia of the time. But to hear it now, well – it just makes me feel so sad. The world moved on. He didn’t.

  6. Jeff says

    @SFROWGUY: Kinsey scale only goes up to 6. And we most certainly are NOT all bisexual. I am a gay man, probably as close to a Kinsey 6 as one can get. That said, I’ve gone to bed with a handfull of women (mostly because I had had a lot to drink and was kind of dragged there). However, I have never once – never, ever – masturbated to a woman. That, to me, is the true litmus test. Sorta like straight guys in prison might have sex with other dudes, but when they masturbate, they are thinking of members of the opposite sex.

  7. Mike in the tundra says

    @ SFROWGUY – intersex is a biological designation. It
    is someone who is born with some aspect of both sexes. How can you pontificate on something when you don’t take the time to research it?

  8. Endora says

    Honestly, some of you people appear to just sit around thinking up convoluted ways of referring to yourselves and others. “Look at me! Look at me! I’m special!” Grow up. Unless you are one of a tiny minority then you are either male or female, gay or straight. All this in between crap is like teenagers all dying their hair black and putting spools in their earlobes together declaring themselves to be nonconformist.

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