1. simon says

    LGBT people have extraordinary political power and therefore don’t need the courts to intervene.
    It means that Microsoft and Apple have extraordinary financial resources that they don’t need to be protected by law.

  2. Francis #1 says

    I heard a lot of the arguments. I don’t think the anti-gay side has much of a position, at least in terms of merit in banning marriage equality (obviously). At the same time, it was more or less expressed by both sides that the state constitution does not automatically allow same-sex couples marriage and that the equal protection clause within the constitution doesn’t exactly mean marriage is a requirement in New Mexico for same-sex couples, because that wasn’t in mind when the clause was written. The anti-gay side more or less argued the state’s Supreme Court would have to finagle a way to find the state’s Supreme Court allowing marriage equality.

    I read a decision may not come until December at the earliest and may not come until next year, so several weeks/months of wait continues for equality in New Mexico. Let’s hope for a good result.

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