NOM and the LDS Church May Be In Violation Of Hawaii’s Lobbying Laws


Adding more to the mounting pile of evidence that the National Organization for Marriage can't achieve their goals without breaking the law, LGBT activist Fred Karger (pictured, below) issued an 11-page report detailing the illegal activities of NOM and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the state of Hawaii.

KargerPrimary among the complaints are that the Mormon Church is refusing to register their paid employees who are lobbying Hawaii Legislators, and BYU Hawaii President Steven C. Wheelwright, who donated almost a quarter of a million dollars in support of California's Proposition 8, is thought to be one of the most prominent unregistered lobbyists. 

Meanwhile, NOM has failed to register for grassroots lobbying prior to their massive television ad campaign, an activity that most certainly exceeds Hawaii's definition of a lobbyist as someone who is "either spending five hours
of their time in a month or $750 of their means."

A PDF of Karger's very detailed letter can be found here: Download Hawaii Ethics Commission Letter.


  1. Kevin says

    Fred Karger and Josh Barro (he is still a Republican despite his moderate tones in some areas) are the only two gay Republicans worth listening to because unlike other homocons like GOProud,they aren’t willing to just agree to disagree on issues like gay marriage.
    They call out the Republican party for it and kudos to them.

  2. says

    They can’t achieve their goals even WITH breaking the law, if their goal is actually defeating marriage equality in Hawaii. Their unacknowledged goal of pocketing Mormon and other secret-source $ is still within reach, they just have to reach to places like Russia to sustain it.

  3. jamal49 says

    Fred Karger deserves much applause for his tireless efforts to expose the perfidy of NOM, the LDS and other religious lobbyists who strive to deny the LGBT people our civil equality. I hope this recent expose is the beginning of the end for those bigots.

  4. woodroad34 says

    I’m surprised more Democrats haven’t investigated these two known hate groups (whether the Poverty Law Center designates them or not). The criminality and immorality of these organizations should be watched as closely as the KKK is/was. Fred Karger is a principled Republican–an anomaly, I know.

  5. True Dat says

    If only non-gay people realized that what the LDS is actually doing is forcing LDS-beliefs onto NON-MORMONS.

    Gay Marriage will not affect the LDS – no gay mormons I’ve ever met have the orbs to demand to get married in their cult temples, anyway.

  6. Fox says

    Hope this backfires on NOM in Hawai’i. While I don’t live there, I’ve had to travel there on extended business nearly a half-dozen times per year for over the last decade, and it’s my general impression that the locals really disdain outsiders coming in telling them what to do. That one sign “Keep Your Hate Out of Our State” really registers.

  7. Kenny C says

    Ya think? The Mormon Church is poised (and unfortunately ABLE) to spend millions of dollars on this once again! If they play with politics (which they do ALL THE TIME) they need to lose their tax exempt!

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