NOM’s Brian Brown Slams Christie on Gay Marriage: His Presidential Hopes are Finished

National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown is, of course, infuriated that marriages are taking place in New Jersey and supremely pissed that Governor Chris Christie has given up the state's battle against same-sex marriage by withdrawing his appeal of the Supreme Court's ruling.

Usatoday_brownWrites Brown in a blog post:

"There's no question that the courts of New Jersey are responsible for the imposition of same-sex marriage in that state, and we sharply criticize them for redefining our most important social institution with no regard to the wishes of voters or even elected officials," said Brian Brown, NOM's president. "The refusal of the New Jersey Supreme Court to order a stay of the same-sex 'marriage' ruling was wrong, and the latest example of an activist judiciary running amok, substituting their views for those of the people of the state. Still, we are extremely disappointed in Governor Chris Christie for withdrawing the state's appeal of the underlying decision, effectively throwing in the towel on marriage. The mark of a leader is to walk a principled walk no matter the difficulty of the path. Chris Christie has failed the test, abandoning both voters and the core institution of society – marriage as the union of one man and one woman."

A superior court judge had imposed same-sex marriage in New Jersey in a ruling in September, with same-sex 'marriages' set to begin today. Christie's administration appealed the decision and sought a stay to preserve the status-quo until the merits of the case is heard next year. The New Jersey Supreme Court denied the request for the stay, and today Christie dropped his appeal of the underlying decision imposing same-sex marriage.

"It's a sad day for the voters of New Jersey," said Brown. "An activist judiciary has once again imposed its views and ignored the rights of voters. We will continue to fight for the right of New Jersey voters to determine the definition of marriage. Regrettably, Governor Christie's decision to surrender on marriage reveals him to be a man who lacks the courage of his supposed convictions. As far as we are concerned, it's a disqualifying failure. His surrender on marriage effectively surrenders any chance he might have had to secure the GOP nomination for president."


  1. Michael Barber says

    After so many losses this year (with the exception of testifying before the Russian Duma and breaking the Logan Law), Mr. Brown’s fascist rosary must be completely worn out.

  2. Chuck Mielke says

    Like too many religious zealots, Mr. Brown fails to realize that neither tradition nor “common sense” or “the will of the people” can override the Constitution (unless a formal Constitutional Convention convenes to rewrite or replace our founding document).

  3. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Surely these people realize Chris Christie was NEVER EVER EVER going to be President, right?

    Hearing them prattle on about it is absurd. Christie’s in it for the money, like every Republican. President is a step down when that’s your goal.

  4. robertL says

    I wonder why he is not concerned about divorce. Something not allowed in the Bible. Let’s cherry pick.

  5. Howard says

    NOM is so pathetic now that if they hadn’t worked so hard to hurt so many people I would feel sorry for them…but I don’t!

  6. Josh M. says

    Finito, Brown. When I think of New Jersey, I think “quintessential American suburbia.” If marriage equality is the forever reality in NJ, then the death knell of anti-equality is reverberating in the air.

  7. says

    Maybe Brian should move to a country where constitutions don’t matter, say, Russia (alas). Wait, he’s already moving his bigotry there because it’s not playing so well, or filling his wallet well enough, here.

    As for Christie, he’s not presidential material, but if this did keep him from gaining traction in the wingnut primaries, it only means they’ll go for someone less electable instead. It’s your hopes that are finished, Bri.

  8. Francis #1 says

    Of course Brian Brown is irrelevant completely in the USA at this point, but it will be interesting to see if Christie loses any ground for “standing down” on marriage in New Jersey, or at least that’s the way some conservatives will twist it. This could be a test to see whether conservatives/Republicans/right-leaning independents/etc. have truly moved completely beyond the whole gay issue in terms of prospective candidates. If so then that means we could see some real progress going forward on our rights with Republicans.

  9. says

    A Santorum/Palin ticket might work Brian.. By all means support that! (Brian is getting frantic because his means of earning a living by exploiting discrimination and bigotry is quickly winding down.)

  10. cello_jay says

    I live in NJ and it’s not a sad day for me. I really am getting tired of their lies. 2 of the 3 branches of NJ’s government were for it. And polls show a large majority of NJ agrees with marriage equality, so how is this not the “will of the people”?

  11. Coniferous says

    Brian Brown says, “We will continue to fight for the right of New Jersey voters to determine the definition of marriage.”

    More Honest Translation: “We will continue to fight so that BIGOTS EVERYWHERE can DENY gays the dignity of being equal human beings.”

  12. Mark says

    He is just another big radical activist of the heterosexual agenda…..let him stew in his own juice.

  13. says

    First, like many of his ilk he’s ignoring the facts. Namely 1) that while not put to a state-wide referendum, the latest opinion polls show a majority of NJ (aka “voters” and “the people of the state”) favor marriage equality and 2) that the state Assembly (aka “elected officials”) passed a same-sex marriage law. The only elected official standing in the way was Christie himself. He has now simply moved himself out of the way, rather than wasting taxpayer money on an appeal he was likely to lose.

    Even if all that wasn’t the case, there’s still the matter of the Constitution.

    And methinks this guy vastly overestimates his influence.

  14. whitneyisadude says

    I’m confused as to how he thinks he still has enough clout in American politics to make these kinds of proclamations.

  15. says

    His obsessive quest to be on the wrong side of history grows sadder and sadder with each passing day. Brown has eight (8) children. Law of numbers, anyone? The more Equality becomes not just the law of the land, but the fabric of culture, the more young closeted and terrified lgbt children are going to be empowered and inspired to Come Out. And for Brown, it’ll mean having a child who lives and breathes the defiant antithesis of his life’s hateful work – the truly ugly part? He’d rather his own child die than come out as gay. I hope his gay kid(s) find the strength Rick Warren’s son never found and do not take their lives – I hope they find a way to break free from this bigoted man’s grasp and live out loud, and show him up by embracing the truth that Brown wants buried.

  16. Profe Sancho Panza says

    It seems pretty obvious that Brown’s comments about Christie’s chance at the Republican nomination are intended to intimidate other would-be nominees into .

    But Christie never had a hope of getting serious support from Brown and NOM during the primaries anyhow. And if by some chance he ends up the nominee, they’ll back him against the Democrat. Christie realizes that.

  17. Profe Sancho Panza says

    Sorry, let me try that again:

    It seems pretty obvious that Brown’s comments about Christie’s chance at the Republican nomination are intended to intimidate other would-be nominees into fighting gay marriage to their last breath.

    But Christie never had a hope of getting serious support from Brown and NOM during the primaries anyhow. And if by some chance he ends up the nominee, they’ll back him against the Democrat. Christie realizes that.

  18. JerzeeMike says

    I live in NJ and in case Brian Brown couldn’t read the polls for all his teary-eyed whining the MAJORITY of NJ voters would’ve passed marriage equality at the polls. THEN what would his excuse be for losing in NOMs own backyard?

  19. Clayton says

    Let’ see: NOM was for Mitt Romney and against Barack Obama. And who was it that won that election?

  20. disgusted american says

    ..what a pathetic legacy this m an leaves his litter of 7 or 8 kids..(at least 1, maybe 2 would be gay) …..he must have a Mouse of a wife…yes dear, no dear type woman? Sad…..very sad.

  21. Icebloo says

    How ironic the only websites to report anything about this hate group are gay sites like this.

  22. says

    Welcome back from Russia, you traitor.

    Yeah, you hate the judges because they apply the law; you would much prefer to have your majorities of red neck evangelical bigots vote on our rights.

    Well. not happening, dude.

  23. Hawthorne says

    I’d be happy to subject my civil right to marry to a vote of the people when Brown agrees to subject his right to have children to a vote of the people.

  24. anon says

    More than 60% of NJ eligible voters are in favor of gay marriage, so BB’s populist objections are a bit absurd. It would be like him saying, “If only Gov. Christie would allow the good Christians from Oklahoma to ban gay marriage in NJ, he might be eligible to win the Republican nomination in 2016!”

  25. Michaelandfred says

    “Continue to fight…”, means “continue to trick the gullible into giving you cash to live the lavish lifestyle you’re terrified of losing. You’re done Brian, and your sad, hateful organization as well.

  26. mike/ says

    hey, Mr. Brown. if you don’t like that the courts are (how did you say it?) “…substituting their views for those of the people of the state.” how do you explain the poll out TODAY says that 61% of voters in NJ approve of SSM? and 49% vs 36% of Republicans, a plurality, approve of it? seems to me if you put it to the people, they would pass it.

    oh, yes! you are professional at preventing voters from voting & also getting you ‘base’ to move with your scare tactics. sorry, Brown, you are so out of touch. maybe you need to look into why you’re such a strong opponent. i’ve suspected they are more personal than ideologue for a long time…

  27. simon says

    We will continue to fight for the right of New Jersey voters to determine the definition of marriage.
    How exactly? Setting himself on fire?

  28. NotSafeForWork says

    Of course, he’s making these statements from Russia,(or just back from there)a country that immediately leaps to mind when thinking about human and civil rights.

  29. woody says

    hid wife is constantly pregnant.
    what a nightmare.
    i feel sorry for her. that’s gotta be awful

  30. woodroad34 says

    You know, with all the “homosexual agenda” verbiage being thrown out by his ilk–does this fool not realize that HE’S the one trying to force HIS ideology and POV on the majority–not the other way around? Why do you think is ilk is losing? What a sad egomaniacal sociopath.

  31. jjose712 says

    But polls show NJ voters want same sex marriage too. And they protest too when the voters are the ones who chose in favour of same sex marriage.
    So this is just complain for the sake of complain

  32. jjose712 says

    And by the way, Christie’s hopes are not crushing for this, in fact, his probabilities will be less if he continues this losing battle.
    If he wants to have any posibilitie, he needs to be labeled as moderate (and lose some weight, american politics has a lot to do with image, and he needs to change it)

  33. Randy says

    I absolutely love it when the wacko’s start turning on each other! Hopefully they will continue to beat each other up while the nation moves on and leaves these morons in the dust.

  34. woodroad34 says

    Oh, and btw, isn’t he the guy who’s working with the Russians against America’s better good?

  35. Bernie says

    let’s all give Mr. Brown a collective awwwwwwwwwwwwwww………….lol……Brian, you better update your resume because you will be out of a job soon….maybe someone will hire you to catch rats er, even mice…………..

  36. Bill says

    Brian Brown should be more careful – there are apparently (or used to be) people living in New Jersey who could make Brian Brown an offer he can’t refuse.

  37. RRA says

    Yes this sleazebag won’t support Christie…until Christie wins the nomination and this hack will go to Christian Jihad for him.

  38. Craig says

    “…no regard to the wishes of voters or even elected officials.” The elected officials who represent the voters (you know “representative government”) actually passed marriage equality in New Jersey. Just one very large man’s veto prevented it from becoming law.

  39. Mary says

    NOM needs to figure out why its losing so badly – why the whole anti-gay cause is losing so badly in the whole free world. Gay rights seems to go only in one direction over time – from opposition to support. Why is this? To my knowledge, neither NOM nor any other right-wing group has explained why no other country with a lifestyle similar to the US seems to have a dominant anti-gay-marriage political culture. If SSM poses a threat to traditional marriage, why does no one see it but American social conservatives?

    I gave up the case against SSM when I could find no plausible answer to this last question. I feel somewhat sorry for Brian because I don’t think he’s really the money-hungry opportunist you all view him as. He genuinely believes he and NOM are right on this issue. But it’s much easier on the psyche when you stop trying to argue that 2 and 2 equal 5. My problem now is that since I don’t have any gay friends I’ll probably never get invited to a same-sex wedding!

  40. Mike says

    @MARY Bet you DO have some gay ♂♂ or lesbian ♀♀ friends. You just MIGHT not know who they are or they are just not getting married right now . . .

  41. L Goethe says

    Can you imagine going to bed with Mr. Brown? What a thought! Is there a Mrs. Brown or perhaps…oh no! LOLOL

  42. Joseph Singer says

    Brian Brown is just grasping at straws since he knows that his gravy train working for NOM is approaching its demise. He’s more worried about a paycheck than any “opinion” NOM has on anything.

  43. anon says

    Actually, Mary, the UK and France have been very slow to adopt gay rights measures and Ireland, Poland, Italy and Portugal all lag far behind. Generally, the key slowing factor is either a large Catholic population or a large number of evangelical Protestants. Australia and New Zealand are a mixed bag too. Gay porn is illegal in most of Australia even as they debate gay marriage rights.

  44. wayne says

    When faced with the results of rampant bigotry, it is the sworn obligation of any judge to be an “activist” and to protect the Constitutional rights of those who have suffered the wrath of the Christian Right!!!

  45. billy wingartenson says

    Secret fag #2 B squared (BR BR

    Secret fag #1 – Ted haggard outed by his boyfriend mike JOnes

    Maggie gallagher was whore #! with 2 illegitimate kids “protecting marriage”