1. Derrick from Philly says

    That was nice. And those models are out of New York? There are still some beautiful men up there. I ought to get me a train ticket up to New…no, a bus ticket. I’m too cheap to ride New Jersey Transit now.

  2. Fenrox says

    Meh, I like where they are going with the fashion direction. A lot of those clothes would be wearable, which is a huge step up for NP.

    I don’t like the message of free/new masculinity that they are clearly trying to carve. It’s the same masculinity! It still reinforces the straight-acting plague in the gay community.

    For some reason I liked the nihilistic music.

  3. johnny says

    Fenrox: “I don’t like the message of free/new masculinity that they are clearly trying to carve. It’s the same masculinity! It still reinforces the straight-acting plague in the gay community.”

    Plague? WTF?

    Ya know, some of us simply are who we are and it happens to be more of a standard hetero standard of masculinity. Can’t help it, that’s just who we are and what our roots are. There’s always been feminine and masculine gay guys. Call it whatever you want to, but are all the masculine ones supposed to change into a more feminine standard to suit you?

    To be honest, masculinity is becoming more the gay norm all the time, especially with younger guys. Personally, I think it’s pretty cool because the more of us who are like this, the less being gay becomes less of something to be ashamed of or afraid of and there’s going to be more acceptance and more openness in the future.

    Besides, how do you know which of those models were straight or gay?

    Isn’t it great you can’t really tell?

    And what is wrong with that?

    Perhaps it’s your own insecurity about who you are that’s the real problem here.

  4. Jack M says

    Liked the clothes and the guys, photography was beautiful, but it didn’t come together as a whole. The two different scenarios were too mismatched, although I get what they are trying to do.

  5. Booka says

    I really don’t give two hoots about the whole masculine/feminine issue…but, in reading “Johnny’s” post it reeked of a really defensive, and insecure posture, that ironically was calling out others for being …defensive and and insecure…I mean everyone of you could benefit from a little more toleration. I’d also ask that perhaps before getting on that high horse you perhaps look in the mirror, to view yourself…alas, it seems everyone IS doing nothing BUT looking in the mirror (and just failing to see anything but how pretty they are, rather than their mutual humanity with others). OK..I’m done..commence with the Cat Fight!

  6. NYCer says

    I couldn’t care less about what some of you queens say. I’m physically not attracted to feminine looking or sounding guys. I don’t even choose it, just like I don’t chose to be gay. I physically can’t get into it with a feminine guy. I know some of you get HYSTERICAL about things like that, but just deal with it and move on.

  7. emjayay says

    I don’t spire to anything myself.

    And once again, a mostly crappy discussion at the coolest gay site on earth.

    Actually, I’m thinking younger straight guys are generally less concerned with norms of masculinity than they might have been some years ago. More straight guys are getting “gayer”, because they don’t care. And fewer young gay guys are effeminate, because they don’t feel the need to put on any particular pose to be gay. They also probably are generally less concerned with playing a role in the masculine/feminine continuum than in the past.

    Oh, and still some beautiful men in NYC? They’re MODELS fer chrissake. And NYC is full of twentysomethings, like it always has been. Of course a lot of them of both sexes are beutiful. Which reminds me, speaking of beautiful men, where are the Asian guys?

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Oh, and still some beautiful men in NYC? They’re MODELS fer chrissake. And NYC is full of twentysomethings, like it always has been.”

    Yes, and I thought it was obvious that I was making a joke, EMJAYAY. I said that they were MODELS…FER CRHRISSAKE (whatever that means).

    You know, when Andy posts a fun topic you’d think that blog visitors could make fun comments. But I see that one visitor’s sense of humor may come across a stupid to another Towleroad visitor. Sorry, EMJAYAY, I didn’t mean to offend you.

    But yes, there are beautiful men in New Jack City, and there are beautiful men in Beijing, and in Bangkok, and in Hong Kong, and in Hanoi, and in Seoul, and in every Asian community in the F.CKING world. FER CHRISSAKE!

  9. GMB says

    I’ll give Nasty Pig some credit. I’d never be caught *dead* shopping there, but they’ve done a good job with their re-brand, bringing a sharper focus to their clothing line and moving beyond mere tribal band dudes with buttless leather chaps. Their line brings some rough & tumble masculinity to “gay fashion” at a time when androgyny, skinny twinks, angular haircuts and extra sass seems to be taking over. I’ll take Nick Scarduzio in a trucker cap and sweatpants any day over Christian Siriano-esque flamers.

  10. Bob says

    Cool video — if their brand is for you, you will respond to it.

    @ JOHNNY and others:
    My view is that “Gay becoming mainstream” reduces the internalized homophobia that made many guys of my generation think they must be feminine if they were not the same kind of man as the popular jocks
    — thus, especially in White middle-upper class culture, the lessening of oppression and the earlier coming out to oneself allow us to form our identities while still in high school.

    50 years ago, you had to get out of school and into a Gay world to find yourself — as is still true for Gays in some minority communities.

    After being out of high school and out of the house for a few years, I was kinda shocked to realize folks thought of me as butch.

  11. says

    why are people talking about “masc/fem/flamers”?

    i’m as gay as gay can be. i’m classically archetypically gay. and i wear a lot of nastypig clothing. why? i’ve got a great round bootie – that’s why. and it looks good on me. and i’m as proudly gay and Out as one can be, and i’ll camp it up with the best of them.

    all this “i’m not into effeminacy” stuff coming from a few anonymous commenters is just sad – we get it; your s**t fathers told you to “man up” a few times too many and it’s affected how you view yourselves, and others, as gay men.

    you show me an internet commenter who goes off about “lip-wristed femmes” and i’ll show you a coward who doesn’t have the balls to make his statements from a place of visibility.

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