1. EO says

    “because of the way i was brought up”. lamest excuse ever. as if it’s just IMPOSSIBLE to grow and change and learn things as you experience life. who elects these fools?

  2. Kevin says

    Her slurs aside,keep in there is tale after tale of gay and lesbian couples doing exactly what she suggested,and it didn’t mean a damn thing in the court of law without marriage.

  3. disgusted american says

    interesting – considering she looks like a man…..not a womenly thing about her…except maybe her VaJJ…but ewwwwwwww, who wants to look at that – considering the face & body thats attached to it….I dont think she has to worry about anything being rammed down her throat…..ewww, just ewww!

  4. Geoff says

    Honey – “these queers” are your sons, daughters, sisters and brothers…and we aren’t going ANYWHERE. We’re fighting in foreign lands to keep your fat, ignorant ass free. Remember: We serve your restaurant food and do your god-damned, awful hair. It’s not NICE to insult the waiter. He might just piss in your fu*king soup, you evil crunt.

  5. Alex Parrish says

    Perhaps a bit off-topic, but why do homophobes and bigots ALWAYS go for the “ram it down my throat” metaphor? Really! They do! Somebody ask Dr. Freud about that please.

  6. HadenoughBS says

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph, this is one Bible thumpin’ Dixieland mayor of a town of about 300 Southerners. Nothing these ignorant hillbillies say, especially about anyone who’s not a white Southern good ol’ boy-type local, surprises me. Furthermore, she apparently understands nothing about the true teachings of the New Testament.

  7. candide001 says

    good news. society is shifting. these anti-gay freaks are becoming the new social deviants–just as bigot-in-chief antonin scalia correctly feared.

    expose and mock. expose and mock.

  8. PadLake says

    I am so sick of Christians believing themselves to be persecuted — get over it woman! You aren’t be “crucified” for being a Christian, you are being called out for your bigotry.

  9. Queer says

    Once again, somehow gay couples marrying makes this idiot lady think that “something is going to be rammed down her throat.”

    Which doesn’t make any sense. Btw, before some idiot comes on talking about the word “Queer” – substitute “queer” for “black” or “Jew(s)” – the problem is not the word, the problem is that it’s been hurled as invective.

    as she apologized for “the word”, and not the hate, this is proven.

  10. Ricco says

    What the obtuse Linda Oliver, and others of her ilk, does not understand is that by straying from her Biblical references, allowing her speech to devolve into slurs, says more about her as a bigot than her as a Christian.

    A good, and true Christian woman would spend more time in humble prayer for the souls she claims are imperiled than being judgmental, loud, prideful, and overtly offensive.

    She cannot be faulted for her faith, but her failure to follow its most basic precept, which is to treat others as you would be treated.

    It does seem that with people like Mrs. Oliver that the so basic Sunday school lessons to not judge others, to pray for your enemies, to turn the other cheek, that their fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and spiritual powers in high or heavenly places goes swiftly in one ear, then straight through and out the other ear without the slightest impediment of grey matter.

    I guess it is up to us to step up to the plate, forgive and prey, sincerely, for the Mrs. Oliver’s of the world.

    But we are certainly not obliged to accept their non-apologies as anything but what they are, empty words just blowing in the wind.

  11. says

    Hi, sugar! I’m that “idiot” who’s going to school you on the word “queer”: The Q-word is interchangeable with the N-word or the K-word, not with benign racial designations. I do not accept dishonest attempts by elite language hipsters to posit “queer” as the equivalent of Black or Jew, except for its use in a “hateful” context. When used on LGBT folk, The Q-word is always hateful, no exceptions!!! And this bigoted woman’s use of it is undeniable proof that you cannot “reclaim” slurs and cleanse them of animus; that fact doesn’t matter to the “queer” clique, though. Their brains (and their values) are so so scrambled, they can no longer tell right from wrong.

  12. Jere says

    I don’t know why this person’s comments are surprising or shocking to anyone. This is a small town mayor of someplace in South Carolina that no one had ever heard of until today. This woman has probably had a very limited sort of life and most likely isn’t terribly well educated or traveled and her social circle probably isn’t very varied. Just because she happens to be a mayor, doesn’t mean she’s any smarter or has some grand reason for her beliefs. She’s just parroting what she was taught, the same as millions of people do across the south and midwest and other places. Doesn’t make what she said right, but I don’t find it surprising that she said it.

  13. Luke says

    @Disgusted American, no need to blast the way she looks. Seriously. Her bigoted comments stand on their own. If we start bullying her for the way she looks then we are no better than she is.

  14. says

    How about I just don’t want her religion rammed down my throat? Yeah. You can head to the Recall West Union S.C. Mayor Linda Oliver to leave your thoughts. I’m about to go tear up her throat there since I can no longer do it on her Facebook page (it’s been taken down).

  15. bobbyjoe says

    If she believes in the bible as she says, she must resign immediately:

    “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man. She must be quiet.” (1 Timothy 2:12)

    Or is she a biblical literalist only when it comes to verses about “queers”?

  16. NotSafeForWork says

    Just the party line from bigoted Southern white trash rednecks. It’s her opinion and not every Southern white trash redneck believes like she does. However, as Mayor, it doesn’t serve the people to express it as hatred.

  17. Paul B. says

    We do ourselves more harm than good when we even address this trash. All I feel for this woman is pity. She’s uneducated and chooses ignorance over enlightenment every day. It’s a sad way to go through life and must be very disheartening & lonely. Going to bed every night with thoughts like this…yikes!!

  18. SammySeattle says

    I will bet that she was raised to think of other groups the way that she thinks of gays and to also use words that are no longer acceptable to describe those groups.

  19. jjose712 says

    What a loon, people don’t ask for God’s aproval, they ask for their civil right to marry.
    But come on, she compare her with Jesus, wich is all kinds of sad (being bashed on internet for being stupid is not that bad in comparision with a real crucifixion)

  20. Hey Darlin' says

    As a public official it is her duty to perform the job the taxpayers pay her for. Yeah, even the “queer” ones paying her salary. The same ones she would seek to withhold the rights they fight and pay for from.

    She’s made her point very clear. She shouldn’t backpedal now that she’s brought to task as public officials should be aware happens. Don’t cower behind the bible after your scorpion tongue gets you in trouble.

  21. Talisman says

    Yes, and I, for one, don’t want all the hetrosexualism “rammed” down my throat. Thus, I demand that you immediately stop the following:

    -referring to your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, or any other term for your significant other of the opposite gender.
    -discussing your children, unless they were adopted or conceived In Vitro.
    -wearing an engagement ring, wedding ring, or any other symbol of a relationship.
    -displaying pictures of your spouse or children in any public space (including on your smartphone).
    -Engaging in any PDA with a person of the opposite gender while in public.
    -Hosting weddings, baby showers, or any other celebration of a heterosexual relationship.

    In addition, all the aforementioned items should be immediately edited out of all television shows, movies, books, music and other media.

    Since all relationships can be boiled down to sex acts, it should all remain in the bedroom and should never be talked about or displayed in any public space. /sarcasm

  22. Queer says

    Stuffed Animal, a person who spits out the word “Jew” or “Black” with malice doesn’t need to use “another more hateful word” to convey their hatred.

    The word is not always hateful, as many people are proud to self-identify as Queer. You get very upset that they do that. This is because you’re a complete idiot.

  23. Hono says

    Sad to say, it’s already been rammed down our throat. Like Las Vegas, everything fell into place politically. It won the liberal Supreme Court roulette. Now we have two gay people sitting in a room, staring at each other, wondering what married means — looking for the Exit sign between kisses.

  24. Rick says

    This woman reminds me of my harridan shrew of a mother who selfishly would not let me rim my father while he slept. He had anal leakage issues and I used to love dressing up as a sassy nurse while I lapped at the leakage. As you can see, it didn’t mess me up one bit.

  25. Bernie says

    wow! I will pray for her………lol…..I wonder what she does want rammed down her throat…but no, wait…..the bible says only mission position for procreation only……………….

  26. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL…oh, for God’s sake, Rick. LOL, if you would just keep your f.cking mouth then there wouldn’t be these crazy parodies of you. LOL

    SHUT UP!!!

  27. Onnyjay says

    Honey chile, nobody gives a rat’s rear bumper about your throat or any other body part. As for your mind, your biblebabble made clear that your cortex rotted away long ago. There may yet be time for you to get something resembling a life, good luck with that.

  28. EqualityandLoveNOTHate says

    Feel free to contact this hate monger at the information below! >>

    Linda Oliver phone number: 864-247-7392
    Linda Oliver email:

    City phone number: 864-638-9978
    City fax number: 864-638-6593
    City email:

    Council Member Dan Cappelen 316 Dutchfork Road West Union, SC 29696 (864-638-5332)
    Council Member Wanda Harden 820 Anderson St West Union, SC 29696 (864-638-5280)
    Council Member Sharon Zimmerman 426 B East Main St West Union, SC 29696 (864-280-0141)
    Council Member Bethany Peay 135 Shroder St West Union, SC 29696 (No phone)

    Also, this town has 3 prominent businesses located there: Redbox, Family Dollar, Save-a-lot.

    Contact these businesses and post on their page and ask them how they feel about this mayor’s hateful rant and whether as a business they support this city mayor.

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