1. KT says

    What a tragic accident, especially considering his career. But its a good sign he can feel his toes and fingers. Hopefully he will regain use of at least his hands. They are doing wonders today with paralysis surgeries.

    Its interesting that the USA Gymnastics article identifies Millerbernd as Kalon’s coach but not his husband. In the grand scheme of this story, its not that important but it is just an example of internalized homophobia. If Kalon was married to his female coach, it definitely would have been mentioned. Its noticible especially since Kalon mentions his marriage directly in his facebook profile.

  2. Joey Y says

    This is the PERFECT situation to parade in front of whatever insurance company he uses and shame them as a national disgrace. A world class athlete who represented this nation in sports, and he has to fight for his insurance?! Unbelievable.

  3. ratbastard says

    Paralyzed people require a tremendous amount of care, and their medical costs are huge. I know from personal experience. Very tragic, and I hope all the best for him, his husband, family, close friends. They will all experience a roller coaster emotional and psychological ride almost as bad as his physical injuries.

  4. Bob says


    And we note how the TV station, which is owned by the lds church (the morholes) showed a photo in which the husband appears, but conducted the interview with the sister, not the husband.

  5. litper says

    It sickens me how religious homophobes try to erase his husband even in that situation. It’s below lowest of lows… If that is what God supports, than maybe Satan is not that bad?

  6. RexT says

    I wish him all the best in his recovery, and seeing him moving through this to a much better physical place … works! I’ve enjoyed watching him in competition, his ‘upbeat’ way of being very obvious.

  7. fern says

    Very sad. I wish him all the best for his recovery. With so many serious injuries happening to gymnasts, I think perhaps they should consider banning the sport.

  8. idiotstick says

    Who is the insurance carrier? As insurance costs skyrocket, and they always find ways to get out of covering claims at the worst possible time in people’s lives. We need to target these companies, and taunt and drag them out into the public eye. I’m sick of this.

  9. Jeff Atwood says

    I’m making a donation, but I want to know more about why his insurance is a problem. Was he underinsured? Did he have a “bad apple” insurance policy (inadequate coverage)? I hope he signs up for Obamacare ASAP.

  10. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    The fact that this is a cord compression injury is much to the good–as seems to be borne out by the return of feeling to his lower extremities.

    The rehab course will be long, but he and his husband have considerable grounds for hope – even optimism. What a!

  11. Bill says

    We’re all proud of you Kalon. This too shall pass – you’re on a different (but parallel) road now. All success and growth to you man – you’re gonna make it!

  12. jamal49 says

    Lord, what a terrible thing to happen to this fine athlete. Best wishes to him, his husband, his family. I pray that Kalon will have a successful recovery to 100%.

  13. Brian Chaput says

    Sorry to hear this has happened. Hope he makes a complete recovery and makes a triumphant return to competition.

    Another example why we need universal health care. The term “insurance company” is a misnomer since the only thing they insure is that you have to fight to get them to cover anything. Insurance companies are beholden to stockholders not policyholders.

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