Queer Nation Protests U.S. Olympic Team Event in Times Square


As we reported yesterday, the activist group Queer Nation was on hand today at the U.S. Olympic Team's promotional "Road to Sochi Tour" which kicked off today in NYC's Times Square. These shots were posted to the Queer Nation FB page and feature a 50-foot-long 'Don't Believe Putin's Lies' rainbow banner designed by Pride flag creator Gilbert Baker.

USA Today reported on the protest:

Yelling "Homophobia's gotta go" the protesters unfurled banners that said "don't buy Putin's lies " and "boycott homophobia" while Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls spoke to a crowd of bystanders, news media and sponsors….

…Though the group's chants occurred during opening remarks from several Olympians during a media session, it wasn't disruptive.

"We made our point," Osbourne said as the group began to dissolve after 30 minutes. "The public is being allowed in shortly and we don't want to scare any little kids with loud chants."



  1. says

    “We made our point,” Osbourne said as the group began to dissolve after 30 minutes. “The public is being allowed in shortly and we don’t want to scare any little kids with loud chants.”

    They don’t want to be disruptive? A protest is supposed to be disruptive!!! Gone after 30 minutes . . . what a joke! Once again, Queer Nation got the photo op it wanted and then hauled ass. Disgraceful opportunism! This is not what a Civil Rights movement looks like!

  2. Bklyn Yo Face says

    Geez Stuffed Animal, why you so angry and bitter at the Queer NY protesters? And, what have you done for me lately, and the gay human rights movement?

    Protest Movement 101 – get media attention to highlight the issue. For two dozen people, it was incredibly effective. My only concern is all of the media is now reporting it as gays urge boycott of Sochi Olympics. The message should really be, Russia change your laws and IOC don’t whitewash Russian human rights violations, and if not, we’ll bring the Stonewall Riots to Sochi.

    I just showed up because it’s around the corner from my office and I saw it on FB.

  3. Ken says

    @BKLYN YO FACE–Thanks for showing up. Together we really can continue to use this very short window of opportunity to affect change. It’s such a convergence of sport and commerce and international relations–with Russia’s anti-LGBT human rights atrocities in the spotlight because of it–that we CAN make things happen. The sponsors are all consumer products with worldwide systems, and they want to be in every home across the globe as a result of their marketing blitz during this event. With so many countries represented at the Olympics, to level the playing field and to actually get the IOC to honor its charter going forward has the possibility for creating unheard-of change. But we need to work together as much as possible–anyone can sit back and critique the work of others. If folks want to help, there is a QN Town Hall meeting at the LGBT Center tomorrow at 7.

  4. MaryM says

    The US athletes who attend these disgusting Olympics are supporting fascist persecution.

    Unless they protest loudly while present in fascist Russia.

    Silence equals death

  5. billmiller says

    If this were France, we’d be shutting the country down! I am with stuffed animal, everyone should be uncomfortable with pukin and the situation there, it is no better than an islamic run county.

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