1. Christian says

    Aren’t people always saying there is nothing wrong with being gay so why does she have to remind people that he isn’t? Her show rating are tanking so I am guessing she won’t be on the air in 2 years time anyways.

  2. says

    It is as inappropriate for a TV host to say “so-and-so is not Gay” on the air as it is for a TV host to say “so-and-so is Gay” on the air. Once again, MSNBC has no respect for the boundaries of propriety! And I am so over Rachel Maddow. Who died and made her the High Arbiter of Sexual Orientation?

  3. says

    It is as inappropriate for a TV host to say “so-and-so is not Gay” on the air as it is for a TV host to say “so-and-so is Gay” on the air. Once again, MSNBC has no respect for the boundaries of propriety! And I am so over Rachel Maddow. Who died and made her the High Arbiter of Sexual Orientation?

  4. Geoff says

    I wouldn’t care one way or another about Cory’s sexuality. I know he rushed into a burning building to help folks. That says everything I need to know about Mr. Booker’s character. He’s an indisputable hero. He’s ALWAYS got my vote!!!

  5. Howard says

    I thought what Rachel Maddow said was very appropriate, since the story was about the accusation that Cory Booker is gay. This accusation has been dealt with in the past and it has been established that Cory Booker is not gay (although there is nothing wrong with that!).

  6. MIke says

    “It has been ESTABLISHED Cory Booker is not gay.”

    What rubbish. What kind of statement is that for anyone to make. The only truth is “Cory Booker (or —-) states he is/(is not) gay.”

  7. MIke says

    I think back to Arianna HUFFINGTON and how she got her name when the big joke at the wedding was who was going to wear the dress. And then Mister runs for the Senate. Arianna: “For the record, he’s not gay, darlings.”

  8. johnosahon says

    HOWARD | OCT 15, 2013 3:26:10 PM

    Correct me if i am wrong, but Cory has never said if he is gay or not, so how does Rachel know if he is or isn’t?

    The only person that should answer that question is Cory himself, not Rachel or Cory’s opponents.

  9. Endora says

    I don’t care whether Cory is gay or not. Actually, I know very little about the man. What I do know is that Job Steward swore to us that the penis pics weren’t Anthony Weiner, in fact that they couldn’t be Anthony Weiner because Antny’s penis isn’t that large. Well, we all know how that worked out.

  10. Mike says

    There is NOTHING wrong with being gay! However, there is EVERYTHING wrong with outing someone! All good people are NOT gay, just is all bad people are not gay. Am assuming that she was just setting a fact straight. Also, I’m wondering why you would say that Rachel Maddow or her show are somehow suffering. Two nights ago her show came up as a topic of discussion at a small dinner party that I was at. The general consensus was that both her opinions and her show were EXCELLENT! I concur so my money is most definitely on her . . .

  11. Howard says

    @ johnosahon & Mike, A New Jersey Star-Ledger article from February 2, 2000 reported that when asked, Cory Booker said that he is not gay. Cory Booker himself established the record that he is not gay. He has never said or done anything on the record to contradict that statement. So until he says otherwise I think that pretty much establishes that Cory Booker is not gay. If you have some proof that shows he is gay I’d love to see it.

  12. Fenrox says

    Ok, just to be clear here, if he says he isn’t gay, every single one of you would post along the lines of: MMMHMMMM, SUUUURE, BS dude is gay.

    Ed Koch said he wasn’t gay, did any of you believe him or respect his beliefs at all? Yeah, don’t worry, I’m sure you have all grown as people.

  13. MIke says

    Howie ohh Howie I was just saying the only appropriate voice on one’s sexuality is the subject his or her self. Rachel should have not presented herself as the final word “for the record”.

  14. oncemorewithfeeling says

    The Trollroad crazies are out in force today, earning those Koch brothers paychecks (the ones of you who are working for free are just suckers).

    I love the fact that Rachel drives them nuts. She should. I’m glad she does.

    To state some of the obvious: sexual orientation is not a private issue unless you’re a hermit. Calling someone straight is not anti-gay. And the sky is blue.

    Back to the grindstone, trolls!

  15. says

    Rachel saying that Cory is not gay is not a news flash or even worthy of particular focus. As for the right-wing TR posters who know she’ll be off the air soon cause of those, gasp, low ratings: don’t hold your breath. She’ll be on TV as long as she wants to be on TV.

  16. Adrenan P says

    Typical liberals trying to claim every public figure for the gay team. That whole party has gone to hell (indicated by the success of the incompetent Cory Booker). Soon they’ll be ousted, and real leadership will bring better times for Americans.

  17. Jenny 0 says

    Typical Conservatives just not understanding what happened in the story.

    It IS about the unfounded, untrue, anti-gay animus and accusations used AGAINST Booker by his electorial opponent used as slander against Booker.

    But nce try trying to flip it into a jab.

    Congratulations, AdrenanP

    You are Towleroad’s Clueless Troll Of The Day!

  18. says

    Rachel Maddow SHOULD have the inside scoop on Cory Booker’s sexuality because they are GASP! personal friends. They met when BOTH were Rhodes Scholars and have been friends ever since.

    I haven’t heard. Was Booker’s opponent a Rhodes Scholar? Oh, that’s right. He’s from the Tea Party and endorsed by Sarah Palin and neither is a big fan of book learnin’, since higher education makes one an “elitist.” So chances are that like Palin he BARELY scraped by in school, and therefore is more “real” and like his supporters.

  19. GregV says

    @Christian: Her ratings are not tanking. She routinely (including last night) gets more than a million viewers. Her ratings among young people are especially high, surging higher than the numbers that some of the conservative stars like Hannity manage to get (again, including last night just as a random example).

  20. jamal49 says

    Considering that Lonegan has been overtly and subtly through surrogates to imply that Cory Booker is gay and doing so to imply something scurrilous, I don’t think there is anything wrong with Rachel Maddow doing a “oh, for the record” comment just to take the wind out of the sails of Lonegan’s increasingly sleazy and desperate campaign to win the special election for Senate.

    For the idiot who took the cheap shot about Ms. Maddow’s ratings, her’s are actually are quite high considering her, um, competition, and during this recent Tea Batty shut-down of the government, she’s doing even better because she’s been a beacon of clarity amid all the conflicting media spin cycles.

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