1. Joseph says

    Brian Brown is catholic SCUM. Christie is just the latest to cave to the movement for equality that LGBTs and our allies have created and sustained. There will be no immediate end to our battle, but we will succeed.

  2. Craig Nelson says

    On this occasion I disagree with Rachel Maddow (this is a rare occasion as I usually agree). A number of factors meant that there was no case left that hadn’t already been ruled out by the NJ Supreme Court. So in this case I think Christie just had no choice to do otherwise. With its recent ruling the NJ Supreme Court determinated the matter beyond all peradventure – there was just simply nowhere left to go.

    On NOM it is a different matter. NOM is now veering to the crazies. They were always a little unhinged but now they are a pure hate group with a broad anti gay agenda that thinks it’s a good thing to go to Russia and stir up hatred there. NOM is doubtless fighting for organisational survival now. They are either losing or are irrelevant to state positions on marriage equality. They are having to become extreme to keep their name mentioned and keep funding from big donors and they have to compete with the equally dreadful if momentarily more successful French ‘Manif pour tous’ so they’re even threatened by alternative hate organisations. We are watching an organisation in its death throes. Personally I want to see them give evidence under oath and have their donor list released. Their pronouncements and actions should be cited in some court cases that are coming up.

  3. simon says

    She should invite Brian and Christi for a face to face discussion. Brian thinks he has big influence on Republican politics and Christi probably will tell him he is an idiot on national TV.

  4. Gestly says

    DO NOT underestimate the significance of Brian Brown and NOM going to Russia. By doing so they have sealed their fate — they are exposing themselves to almost unlimited financial and legal liability. Brian Brown is already being investigated by the State Department for collaborating with a foreign government. His testimony in Russia has directly led to the passage of draconian laws, and he is helping lay the groundwork for a gay Russian genocide.

    NOM is quickly becoming known as a promoter of international genocide, and of promoting policies which destroy Russian families by taking away their biological children for the mere accusation of being gay. NOM DONORS beware: You run the risk of being named a defendant in future crimes against humanity prosecution. And remember, NOMs donor lists will soon be made public. Good luck NOM — you are going to need it.

  5. Doug S says

    NOM’s financial survival depends on keeping Christians hating gays and fighting gay marriage. If Christians quit fighting, they’ll quit giving to NOM (and AFA, and FRC, etc). This is based on the philosophy that Jerry Falwell came up with when the Berlin Wall fell – make a crisis of gays and abortion so that people will give.

  6. Bill says

    @Michael – it is worth looking at that URL to see how silly threatening that idiot Brian Brown with the Logan act is.

    I wouldn’t necessarily pick on Christie for dropping the case while saying that he hasn’t changed his mind. Besides the New Jersey Supreme Court ruling, we had a pretty recent decision regarding Proposition Eight (as an indication of where the Supreme Court is heading) and Christie might have been informed by the state’s lawyers that they didn’t have a realistic chance of winning an appeal.

    Christie can claim fiscal responsibility – why waste money on an appeal when the best legal advise you have indicates that recent court decisions show that you’d very likely lose? He can counter anything Brian Brown would try to say by claiming that he was merely putting the financial interests of the voters first.

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