Retired SCOTUS Justice Sandra Day O’Connor Officiates Gay Wedding at Supreme Court

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Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor became the second justice (joining Ruth Bader Ginsburg) to marry a gay couple at the Supreme Court when she officiated the marriage on Tuesday of Jeff Trammel and Stuart Serkin.

Bloomberg reports:

The ceremony took place in the lawyer’s lounge of the court, according to court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg.
That is just off the courtroom where the sitting justices delivered a pair of 5-4 decisions in June that stopped short of legalizing gay marriage across the country yet struck down a federal law barring benefits for spouses in same-sex marriages.

WKZO adds:

It was not the first gay wedding ceremony at the court building. Over the weekend, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg presided over the wedding there of New York couple Ralph Lee Pellecchio and James Carter Wernz, according to a wedding announcement in the New York Times.
In August, Ginsburg became the first justice to officiate at the wedding of a gay couple.

Buzzfeed's Chris Geidner spoke with Trammell:

“For the last two years, I have been rector of William and Mary, which is my alma mater, and that’s chair of the board. And she was chancellor, which is a 320-year-old position that George Washington once held, and a lot of people like that. So, I worked closely with her. I knew her well,” he said. “And so it was logical, when we decided to get married, that I would ask her to do it. And she was most gracious, really just a remarkable individual.”

Asked why he sought to hold the ceremony at the court, Trammell laughed, “That’s where she was.”


  1. kdknyc says

    I personally can’t forgive her for Bush V. Gore. NOW she hints that it might not have been the best idea. NOW?

    So with this gay wedding we’re supposed to think better of her.

  2. Clayton says

    @KDKNYC. Take the long view. Along with H.W.Bush and several sitting Republican representatives, O’Connor is showing support for equality. The opposition party isn’t in control of its membership any more, and every time a SCOTUS justice (sitting or retired) performsa same -sex wedding ceremony, it makes it that much harder for the court to rule against us the next time around.

  3. Rick says

    If I were on the SCOTUS, I would have voted against gay marriage rights because I hate gay people. I make this obvious when I post anti-gay, anti-effeminacy and anti-women comments on this site under several different usernames, including Kev C, Litper, Adrenan P, Jason and Adam. Just ignore me because I’m an obvious troll.

  4. RonCharles says

    Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has always believed that everyone should be treated equally with both the same rights and the same responsibilities. She applied that principle to all of her decisions. Her marrying this gay couple fits right into this philosophy of hers, as well.

  5. Lexis says

    This is pretty big (imho) and shows how real conservatives (not the social kind) have evolved on the issue.

    Recall, back during Lawrence v. Texas – while she wrote a concurring opinion that sided with the majority, she also noted that a law limiting marriage to heterosexual couples would pass the rational scrutiny as long as it was designed to “preserv[e] the traditional institution of marriage” and not simply based on the state’s dislike of homosexual persons.