1. *****overTX says

    Why would I waste one second of my life watching this waste of air call some young person nasty names because they don’t conform to his twisted idea of what is “normal”? Next story please.

  2. Zlick says

    I’m nervous about them getting enough signatures to put this on the ballot. Otherwise, yeah, who cares what these blowhards spew? Well, except for the trans kids affected. And I think this girl and her parents should get themselves a lawyer to sue for defamation, libel and slander!

  3. woodroad34 says

    Klinker-schmit should know about raping–apparently he does it regularly on TV by having people pay him money to pray for them. Something of a Messiah complex about the Kelsey Grammer look-alike.

  4. Bill says

    @Zuck: the nut used wording that would probably protect him from a libel/slander/defamation suit – phrases like “for all intents and purposes”, which suggests he was talking figuratively. As for the demons, well that’s figurative too although Christians would probably not admit it.

    Invasion of privacy might work though, particularly given that he is going after a child.

    At least he confirmed my theory about who Biblical prophets really were – individuals whose visions of would these days be controlled with medication.

  5. Bill says

    A phrase got dropped in the last message – had bracketed it with angle brackets, which the commenting software confused with HTML directives.

    The phrase was ‘insert deity of your choice’

  6. DannyEastVillage says

    I’ve heard a report that Klingenschmitt likes to blow goats – and not just for the extra income.

  7. Ben says

    Crazy homophobic Christians vs. crazy homophobic trans activists.

    Let them beat each other up. It’s a shame both sides can’t lose.

  8. walter says

    klingennazi hates everyone including himself is it no wonder he is an ex navy chaplain. he is much achristian as was osama bin laden

  9. MIke says

    LOL. “Transgender” and “cisgender”!? Really? Why not just “transgender” and “non- transgender”. After all, “I was specifically told there would be no math.”

  10. macguffin54 says

    I disagree with the comment about not being able to sue for slander. By saying she is “raping, AT LEAST visually” (if that is how he put it, I won’t watch the video), I think he is implying rape, PERIOD. Even though he qualifies is as “at least visually”, it could be construed as him implying she is capable, or even likely, of doing more. And as this is just as kid, I think courts would be more liberal in their attempts to protect her.

  11. Ken says

    What these people are doing is cruel and it’s wrong. A car cry indeed from the Bible’s teaching to “Love above all else”

  12. Kev C says

    Another podcasting nobody promoted by liberal sites. Most of his Youtube videos have less than 100 views and closer to 20. The most views is 1060 views, and guess who gave them those hits? Alan Colmes, lib radio host.

  13. Rich P says

    Really, Brett? Women who’ve had hysterectomies shouldn’t use the women’s toilet?

    Nice way to reduce half the population to a body part.

  14. Ken says

    I appreciate that SOMEONE is paying attention to the harassment of an innocent teen by these people.

  15. Zlick says

    And jeez, it’s not like someone is walking into a stall with you* – so who cares who’s in the restroom?

    * I suppose truck-stop restrooms might have people sharing a stall, or so I hear. But school restrooms? Um, I dunt thin so.

  16. Kev C says

    Ken, liberals are guilty of promoting right-wing ‘straw men’ or ‘boogie men’. They do this to mask the real homophobes. Most discrimination and bashing of gays is done by Democrat supporters.

  17. Ken says

    @Kev C, that’s utter nonsense. Fortunately I don’t rely on you to get my facts about the world.

  18. MoJo says

    Someone accosted me outside a grocery store about this, last week. The person collecting signatures claimed that it was to ensure that “boys only used the boys’ restrooms & girls only used the girls’ restrooms in schools”. I told them that the new law was to protect transgender children. After they repeated “not for transgender” a few times, I realized that they didn’t understand much English, so I just walked away.

  19. Tyler says

    The Trans-hating trolls are ridiculous and hilariously small-minded. Get over yourselves. Also, Kev C is just a troll in general so ignore him.

  20. Kev C says

    Ken, if you doubt me, do some basic research. You can easily research my claim about Gordon Klingenschmitt YT channel. Maybe you should stop relying on Alec Baldwin (PFAW / Right Wing Watch board member) for your facts.

  21. mododavid says

    How do you visually rape someone?! Is that what I’m doing to Tom Daley? Also, is that a legitimate form of rape? or is THAT the illegitimate rape Tom Akin was talking about. These guys are idiots.

  22. JMC says

    I feel absolutely terrible for this girl who is being harassed and used by these bigoted pieces of trash to further their transphobic agenda. High school is already hell for transgender students without sociopathic adults from across the country joining in to abuse them.

  23. Bill says

    @macguffin54: the problem with the term “visual rape” regarding a lawsuit is that it is just name calling – unlike actual rape, “visual rape” is not a crime and the meaning is rather vague. If he had stated that this kid had committed a crime (something the DA could prosecute someone for), he could be sued for libel/slander/defamation, but not if he said the kid was a grievous sinner according to the speaker’s religious taboos. The bar for defamation is pretty high due to first amendment concerns. has a summary.

    Regardless, I personally think it is really contemptible for an adult, particularly one with media access, to go after a child the way this guy did.

  24. brett says

    This is not a girl. This is a boy who has adopted a persona that contradicts his natural physical state.

    He will always have male chromosomes and never have ovaries. Ovaries cannot be purchased. I would advise him to be proud about being a man.

  25. FFS says

    If you don’t have a brain, you shouldn’t share your opinions, Brett(Rick).

    Can we just go back to being the America in which grown men who heap abuse upon children are dragged into the streets and beaten with baseball bats? McReynolds, Klingondork and Towleroad trolls, alike.

  26. Bill says

    @Brett: you might want to ask why anyone would put up with the discomfort and expense of a sex-change operation in the absence of a really compelling reason. Human sexuality is far more complex than what can be expressed by a binary choice between “male chromosomes” and female ones, a choice that provides a mere two bits of information (to use a computer-related term on the off chance that it might be one you’ve heard sometime in the past).

  27. jjose712 says

    Kev C: You must be really idiot to believe that.

    Anyway, i don’t think that’s more than the usual troll comment. Nobody is so stupid

  28. KEV C says

    Being the religious wacko I am (Catholic, doncha know…wink) …I believe in vague phrases llike “Nature’s Law” and “God’s Law” to find MY moral Compass that you all will follow or I will put you in camps.

    Of course Neither my ‘God’ Nor ‘Nature’ has ever picked up a pencil and written down a law. Eapecially That Nature; It doesn’t even have hands to hold a pencil. I often wonder what Law School ‘Nature’ went to, but my priests just keep telling me to shut up and hate people.

    Since I have spent my life sucking up to invisible sky fairies…all the while throwing away all my money into collection plates as weel as any potential I had in life for any kind of real creative meaning, its okay…I understand it is my lot in lfe to just be what I am. A Loser. I can deal with that.

    Well, Nature’s calling and I have to go hold my little pencil to pee.

    Don’t laugh at me boys, when I pull it out in the men’s Restroom.