1. Tim says

    I have spent several Christmas’s in a gay bar, stoned, all mucked up dreamin about Ryan Phillipe and waitin for a Holiday kiss! In those days, I bet I coulda got more bang for the buck! Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda!!!!

  2. Ian says

    I actually thought Breckin was amazingly hot in that film, love that his character for a second just felt the feeling until internal homophobia apparently kicked in.

  3. Dback says

    I remember this site talking about the one-night-only director’s cut of “54” at some festival–with another 1/2 hour of footage added, it became a completely different (and MUCH BETTER) movie, and the characters were infinitely richer and more complex. Still probably a longshot that that version will ever be released, but we can hope.

  4. e.c. says

    I remember at the time this movie was made reading about the kiss but the film went through several edits so as not to be too “controversial” (because sanitizing a movie about Studio 54 was a great idea). The problem with removing it was that the kiss had repercussions for the characters but without it their later actions made no sense. Glad to finally see it after all these years.

  5. will says

    I didn’t see this movie, so I don’t know what the fuss is about — but the clip I just saw showed a “kiss” with one guy rebuffing the other. No eroticism, no passion. Really, some of you seem so hard up for male contact of any kind on film, you’ll applaud a gay-kiss rejection. Am I reading it wrong?

    It’s like all the stupid (deeply mediocre) feel-good stuff Andy posts here. We seem to be so desperate for homo-contact & recognition we’ll just take anything that comes down the pike.

  6. GB says

    That movie reminds me so much of that time. I did my stint as a go-go dancer. (mind you not erotic dancer) There was an energy in the big city disco, a lot of sex and beautiful boys. Above all it was the music. It was all a preview of what was to come.

  7. tonyc says

    Ryan in “Little Boy Blue” has a body/ass that I never get tired of/on Showtime if you catch it ..and then his lips..he’s past his prime screen time for pretty boy looks..

  8. JohnnyB says

    Mark Christopher, the director, talked about how they took the finished film away from him and recut it and butchered his original vision. It might have had a chance with the original, but even a scant 15 (!) years ago they were too scared to include any explicitly gay element in the movie. I was at 54 in 77-79, and believe me, it was the gayest thing in town. Maybe someday they will rerelease a director’s cut.

  9. ND Mitchll says

    Even though this scene was cut from the film, you can re-watch this awesome film. 54 will be re-aired on Showtime this month (October). Check your cable stations!

  10. Gigi says

    Breckin Meyer looks like my older brother’s best friend from when we were kids. He was about 17 when I fell in love with him. I was 12. I used to follow him around like a little puppy. He’d say, “Hey buddy, what’s up?” Swoon. He’s straight of course. Years after I came out I met up with him again in my hometown and he said, “Ya. I’m not surprised,” and then we both laughed out loud.

  11. Bob says

    Hey, that story is my tip I sent in! cool! Hollywood always tries to turn Phillipe into the standard same-old but he has some real acting chops when given a chance.

  12. jamal49 says

    Interesting to see this. I had heard rumors that the film that was released commercially and the film that the director had originally cut were radically different. Apparently the distributor, MiraMax got cold feet when they saw the director’s cut because there were explicit sex scenes (gay and straight), the drug use was much more blatant, and the character that was Steve Rubell was much more cynical and sinister. The film ran longer and MiraMax felt that the film was promoting gay sex, drug use and was “too down”. Much of the film makes no sense and as someone who was there, it’s sort of like a G-rated version of what REALLY went on at Studio 54. Too bad. The commercial film was a dud. Viewing this cut scene, one gets the idea that the film could have been much much better.

  13. Daniel says

    I’ve heard there’s a director’s cut of this movie that is really good. I choose to believe it because Mark Christopher’s short films were so good that I just can’t believe the movie was what he wanted it to be.

  14. MrRoboto says

    I saw the secret director’s cut that screened at Outfest several years back. If I remember correctly, after Miramax saw the director’s cut, they wanted him to completely change the film and promote Mike Myers and Neve Campbell from supporting characters to lead roles. Since the movie was already filmed and the director saw no way to logically do that, the film was taken away from him and recut by someone else into the incoherent mess that everyone else eventually saw. The director’s cut was, quite literally, a completely different film and it was very good. Trouble is, the stakeholders at Miramax from the time, who might be inclined towards restoring the director’s original vision, no longer own the company. Disney took the company from the Weinsteins, destroyed it, then sold it to another company, and it’s now pretty much focused solely on milking that old cow (e.g. licensing its existing library to cable, internet and foreign entities). They don’t make original content anymore, and allowing the director to have his film back to re-edit would essentially be new content.

  15. gr8guyca says

    Went to 54 when it was in its heyday. Hard to explain to people now what it was like. Hundreds of people in the street trying to get in. The energy. The mix of people. The impact. It was the center of the paparazzi/media world. Whatever happened there was splashed on to magazines and newspapers by the next day. I can’t think of any equivalent since then.

  16. tinkerbelle says

    I went to 54 in it’s heyday too, and knew Steve Rubell. This film showed the club as if it were 2001 Odyssey in Saturday Night Fever. They couldn’t have gotten it (and Steve) more wrong. That said, I would still like to see the uncut version of the film.

    I still miss those days, when it all was new…

  17. says

    the film was neutered, in many ways. a film about the decadent rise and fall of the epicenter of NYC nightlife and it was so pg-13 sanitized that the strongest drug reference in the film is Neve Campbell talking about how much coffee she’s had that day.

  18. Mike says

    “Really, some of you seem so hard up for male contact of any kind on film, you’ll applaud a gay-kiss rejection.”

    Yeah, no kidding. So what’s your point?

  19. Fox says

    It’s really more of a “stunt kiss” – since the camera angle, the actors’ heads, and Phillippe’s shoulder block the audience from seeing any real mouth-to-mouth contact.

  20. hot dumb italian mike says

    I wish around back in the 1970s to go to 54. My dad was in his 20s back then and said it was insanely wild. His stories are unbelievable!!

  21. mike says

    The workprint is out there on the net, just do a search for 54 Workprint and several trading sites have it. I’ve had it since the movie came out; I used to be in that trading scene. It’s a completely different movie and has around 30 extra minutes. From what I recall , it’s a better film, although it’s messed up at times… some scenes don’t go anywhere plot wise, etc, but it’s an early cut.

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