1. Leroy Laflamme says

    I agree. I really thought there’d be more in the series & was disappointed to discover there were only two parts. Anyone who thinks boycotting Sochi (& all things Russian) is a bad idea might change their mind after the interview with that bonehead Vitaly Whatsisname. Things are not going to get better in Russia anytime soon.

  2. MaryM says

    It was a fantastic show – really powerful and moving.

    My only criticism of the show was the inclusion of that greedy kappo Elton ‘Uncle Tom’ John. Someone like John who has a long and shameful history of putting his personal profit ahead of human or civil rights, is no friend to the LGBT community. He is a friend to his own bank balance – nothing more.

  3. Wayne says

    Stephen Fry is one of my heroes… using logic and compassion to fight for the rights of all in our community around the world. So brave and I respect him greatly. Let’s keep praying/working for equality of all our brothers and sisters.

  4. Syrax says

    Although he does have some power, thankfully only a small percentage of lunatics care about what Jair Bolsonaro has to say. He keeps doing these stupid things to get attention.

  5. steve says

    I feel terrible for the fact that I laughed when some guy in Uganda thought he would “cure” a 14 year old lesbian by raping her…wtf?!? (at 26:00). I’m gonna bet that a woman who already isn’t attracted to men isn’t going to be convinced of it by rape…jesus christ. and that’s usually the whole argument that what makes gay men and women gay in the first place is because they were molested, etc. apparently this guy thought the opposite.

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