1. C.J. says

    Glad to see that 60% of their clients are teenagers….becasue that won’t screw them up at all. Unreal!

  2. Fenrox says

    I couldn’t watch this when it came up last night. I feel like I should if only to confirm my prejudice, but I feel like the answer to the shows questions “Why do you hate” is a terribly benign: FEAR.

    You can tell in the clips that it’s all a pointless and dangerous endeavor. Hell, if you did manage to challenge their beliefs they would SNAP! Their hatred is the basis of their life. I don’t think these people can change their minds though.

    I would much rather a show like to catch a predator where they dig up dirt on bad people like this and then get them arrested.

  3. Mike Ryan says

    This is a ‘must watch’ British TV series. My BF and I watched the whole hour last night and were mesmerized by much of the dialog and Stephen Fry himself. He doesn’t mince words when talking with these homophobes. He went to Uganda, Serbia – there were moments of sadness (the rape of a young lesbian) and great insights and courage (Neil Patrick Harris) – seriously guys, this is an eye-opening series that is good for the gay communities around the world. At one point Stephen is watching the hanging of several young men in Iran who admitted sleeping with one another (we don’t actually see the hangings, Stephen smart-fully pulls away, but we see the effect on his face. In another scene he confronts an African leader who is working to make it law for all gays to be killed and all the guy can talk about is anal sex and he admits it is alright for men in his country to rape little girls.

    Fascinating. Watch it.

  4. Gigi says

    Love the bit where Fry tells Nicolosi that he looks like a gay man. Nicolosi’s expression is priceless.

  5. Leroy Laflamme says

    Stephen Fry is a brilliant mind & a gay icon. I’ve been a fan of his since he was young & admire him all the more since his revelation of his bipolar disorder. He is a genuine activist.

  6. says

    Interesting piece. I guess the initial cheerleading for NARTH is staged as the later criticism seems to have been filmed during the same session. Would’ve been nice if that had been revealed. Maybe it was?

    Also annoyed by the usual & seemingly obligatory false equivalence. Stephen Fry has no patience with people who tell 14-year-olds they’re gay and they have to live with it. Just like he has no patience for people who tell 14-year-olds they can’t be gay or must change. Yeah, sure. I have no patience with people who always have to trot out two sides, even if the two sides are really very little like each other, and claim they are being fair because they are looking at “both sides.”

    Of course, on the whole we need more patience.

  7. oncemorewithfeeling says

    His concluding statement is a false equivalency, as there are no gay groups telling 14 year-olds that they must be gay, so he has no point. That was disappointing.

    But it’s a fine line to walk to not alienate the people you are trying to educate, so I can see why he made the choice to create that false equivalency; sometimes you have to make a concession to their stupidity in order for them to see the truth.

    That aside, Stephen Fry is an international treasure. His talent alone would be enough to cement that status, but his activism for LGBT people and those with mental illness is invaluable. And he makes being middle-aged look sexy as hell, which is an added bonus.