1. MikeKV says

    Whatever happened to, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”?

    The two students that decided to wear the confederate flag as a “counter” to a pro-gay shirt should be made to feel ashamed of themselves.

  2. Sam says

    As a southerner whose ancestors fought for the Confederacy, I’ll go on record to say that this is proof that the historical revisionists are wrong when they say that the confederate flag is about “heritage, not hate.” The most troubling thing to me here is that these kids live in Washington. If it were some rednecks from rural Mississippi (no offense to the non-rednecks of rural Mississippi)then this wouldn’t even be a story. But WA state?! Geesh.

  3. Pete N SFO says

    Personally, I feel if you let the kids fly one flag you let them fly just about them all. The state of GA still incorporates the Rebel flag into its state banner so it’s not going away any time soon.

    It’s a form of expression & identity and these boys, although they may not know it, are clearly identifying themselves as bigoted idiots.

    ps: it’s all going downhill after high school, boys. hope you enjoyed it.

  4. Gregory in Seattle says

    Heritage, yes: a heritage of treason, a heritage of slavery, and a heritage of extreme racism. Not exactly a heritage one should be proud to celebrate.

  5. jjose712 says

    Pete N SFO: So it would be ok to carry the nazi flag?

    Sorry but confederancy flag had a lot of connotations, and most of them are not exactly good.
    A lot of people could be offended (not only the ones that they intend to offend) and rightfully so

  6. Endora says

    Clearly those two young men have not been to the real South. Down here, gay people fly the Rebel flag all the time. We love the look on some ignorant yankee’s face when they see the Confederate-Gay Pride combo flag.

  7. Endora says

    Sam – I don’t know why you would be surprised that there are ignorant bigots in Washington. The Pacific Northwest has been designated by the Aryan Nation as the future fatherland.

  8. Endora says

    JJOSE712 – What an idiotic thing to say. There is no relationship or similarity between the Rebel Flag and “the Nazi flag”. One was a flag of defense and the other was a flag of aggression.

    The fact that some people choose the Rebel Flag as a symbol of animosity is utterly irrelevant. Those same people use US flags, Celtic crosses, and in Brazil and Argentina they use local national iconography.

  9. says

    Let’s keep in mind that only two kids wore the Confederate flag patch out of a whole school full of kids. That must be much less than one percent.

    It’s undeniable that the vast majority of young people today just say NO to messages of hate.

    So, only two jerks in a population of wonderful open-minded youth. It’s a win.

  10. Dback says

    Free speech. I don’t like what they did nor what they stand for, but they did a peaceful, non-violent demonstration of their First Amendment rights, which created a dialogue in the school exactly as it should. (It wasn’t like they were wearing a shirt like the Westboro clan regularly does.)

  11. GregV says

    @Pete in SFO: The Georgia state flag had a big Stars and Bars on it starting in 1956 when tempers were rinning high against civil rights. That segment was made miniature in 2001 and then the flag was changed to eliminate it in 2003.
    I don ‘t agree that “if we allow one flag” (one that represents equal rights), then we allow another (one that represents the violent repression of other classmates’ ancestors and, by extension, the desire to repress those classmates themselves).
    That’s like saying that if we allow students to say some English words to their teachers (like please and thank you) then we have to allow all words without consequences (like “F*€# off”). The Confederate flag was meant as a big “F— you” to minority classmates, which doesn’t promote a cooperative atmosphere at school.

  12. oncemorewithfeeling says

    The Confederate flag, beyond being a symbol of bigotry, is a symbol of utter stupidity. It is literally advertising that you don’t understand history or even humanity. It is trumpeting the fact that you support traitors and being against all that this country was founded upon and strives to be.

    Educated, normal, decent people understand that there is no difference between the Nazi flag and the Confederate flag. They both stand for destroying a nation through hatred, slavery and genocide.

    And this is exactly why these boys chose the Confederate flag to express these ideas.

    No matter what lies the ignorant masses from the stupid states tell themselves, the rest of us recognize reality.

  13. says

    it seems like if you can wear a rainbow flag patch to school you should be able to wear a confederate flag patch too, regardless of how offensive. legally i think this is going to create some big problems for freedom of expression. i bet they will ban all rainbow flag patches, atheist group symbols, christian, italian, etc. etc. if you let one group express itself dont u have to let others express themselves too?? (excluding those promoting outright violence of course)

  14. mmike1969 says

    I got $5.00 number one idiot is a closet case and number two idiot is following the lead of number one because he’s in love.

    At their ten year reunion, they would of been married for three years after divorcing their wives.

  15. says

    Their “protest” against another student wearing a pride flag is both nonsensical and moronic. What, pray tell, do the Confederacy and gay rights have to do with each other? It may be true that in MODERN times the Southern states are most opposed to gay rights, particularly gay marriage, but that has fvck-all to do with the “rebel flag,” which predates the fight for gay rights by over a century.

    The only thing the Confederate flag is associated with is the Civil War, which is primarily associated with the enslavement of black people, who are rightly offended by it. Honestly a swastika would at LEAST be in the right ballpark since gays WERE targeted by the Nazis, whereas the flag they did wear has nothing at all to do with gays in any logical sense.

  16. Rick says

    Tell me, do all you self-righteous liberals who regard the Confederate flag the way you do feel the same way about the Italian tri-color that flew over Mussolini’s Fascist Italy–which cooperated with Hitler in mass genocide? Do you feel the same way about the British Union Jack and the French tricolor which flew over colonial empires where dark-skinned people were basically enslaved for centuries? Do you feel the same way about the American flag which not only flew over a country in which racial segregation was the norm, a country that rounded up US citizens of Japanese ancestry and put them in “isolation camps” in WWII just because of their ethnicity, a country that has propped up numerous dictatorships all over the world that have engaged in torture and murder of innocent people?

    No, you don’t do you

    Because your attitudes are not driven by principle; they are driven only by your own biases, prejudices, and hatreds, which are no better than anybody else’s

  17. Not that Rob says

    Wearing a confederacy flag and a rainbow flag are not the same thing. They were clearly wearing it as a sign of intimidation, or at the very least expressing their dislike of the gheys. Not exactly a form of self-expression like a gay flag.

    Having said that, I doubt that their punishment would stand up to constitutional scrutiny.

  18. JohnAGJ says

    These kids might be idiots but this seems like a First Amendment issue to me. That school district may have just paid for their college education. Eh, let the lawsuits begin and hash it out in court.

  19. Mike in Atlanta says

    First, let me say up front that I find the Confederate flag to be a loathsome symbol of treason, racism and hate. I grew up in rural central Washington state and I could never understand the affinity for the Confederate flag by some of my classmates, apart from the fact that Dukes of Hazard was popular at the time.

    But, for the record the Confederate flag with the diagonal St. Andrews cross covered in stars is NOT the “stars and bars,” It is the Confederate battle flag. “Stars and Bars” refers to the national flag of the Confederacy which looked like the the US flag only instead of 13 red and white stripes it had three thick red and white “bars.”

    I despise the Confederacy, but I love accurate history. :-)

  20. anon says

    The supreme court has already ruled that political protest shirts can be worn by students in school. The form of the shirts can be regulated by school officials, but not the content unless it’s “disruptive”, which is a stronger test than most realize.

  21. Endora says

    OK my dearies, it’s Mr. History time. Name the last country in North America to end slavery and what year that was. (play the Final Jeopardy music now please)

  22. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “OK my dearies, it’s Mr. History time. Name the last country in North America to end slavery and what year that was. (play the Final Jeopardy music now please)”

    Las Vegas. How much did I win?

  23. Mike in Atlanta says

    Rick: Actually, there was a fascist variation of the Italian Tricolor used by Mussolini as a war flag. Anyone today who recognized it for what it meant would certainly find it objectionable. Well, maybe not you, but normal people, I mean.

    But the national flag of Italy under Mussolini didn’t change from what it had been before he came to power, neither did the national flag of Japan. They predated fascism, and continued after fascism (the Italian flag losing the crest of the monarchy after the post-war abolishment), and are therefore not summed up by the era of fascism. Likewise, the French Tricolor and the British Union Jack (and the flag of the United States, for that matter) represent more than just the periods of oppression or aggression committed under them.

    I notice you don’t mention the Nazi flag. Thats because the Nazi flag — like the Confederate flag — was designed and flown for short, finite periods by criminal governments whose founding principles were the perpetuation of oppression, enslavement and murder. Your own omission merely proves the case against the Confederate flag. You ass.

  24. ratbastard says

    These boys do indeed have first amendment rights, like all Americans do. I see people wearing, saying, writing things I think are highly offensive, people of EVERY so called race, ethnic background (assuming you identify as something other than American), religion (or non religious, Agnostic, Atheist, etc.), gender, sexual orientation, age, social-economic status, political/ideology, etc. You want your constitutional rights to free speech restricted? Than the deal is you can’t demand others have theirs restricted.

    In this case the school can impose certain restrictions inside the school. And since schools today are considered by many and in fact are uber P.C. and frequently even ban kids from playing “rough” games like tag in school yards, it’s completely unsurprising they demanded these boys not wear a confederate flag. Many schools ban kids from wearing an American flag, because some students may be offended, and they ban things like Christmas decorations because a a TINY number of people claim they find it offensive. When I was a kid self identified liberals (progressives in 2013-speak), championed freedom of speech, and were against banning speech, thought,what food you can or can’t eat, when and where you can buy, and use, a perfectly legal product like tobacco, who may and may not be allowed to speak in a public forum, and so on. They are today ban-happy control freaks. It’s sad.

    And why is such an incredibly trivial and petty “incident” like this news? How many people were assaulted and murdered in this huge country over the past say week? I suggest we have our priorities misplaced.

  25. ny2.0 says

    The confederate flag represents a dark time in American history that was defeated. If these idiots want to celebrate the symbol of hate in the south getting its ass kicked, so be it.

  26. StudioTodd says

    If, as the school officials stated, the confederate flags were worn as an answer back to the gay pride colors, then those two students were, in effect, making an implied threat against the other student.

    If your answer to the display of a symbol of inclusion and diversity is to then display a symbol which represents intolerance, bigotry, oppression and violence and also is enthusiastically embraced almost universally by hate groups, your message could not be more clear.

    Bravo to this school for recognizing this subtle threat for what it was.

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