1. AriesMatt says

    Been hearing about Lorde the past week or so and last night decided to check out “Royals” and some of the other songs posted to youtube and this girl is phenomenal. Has a maturity and sophistication well beyond her years (a mere 16 y/o). And she writes all her own lyrics/songs! She’ll be ruling the charts for many years to come.

  2. Buster says

    Unusually for me, when I first heard this song on the radio last week I really fell for it right away.

    As for the remix, well….

    First of all adding background music that drowns out the vocals in some places is not really my favorite, especially for a song that is basically written as an a capella number.

    More important, I’m alternately amused and annoyed that the Remix version here seems to be an attempt to turn this song into exactly the type of over-produced crap that this song is mocking.

  3. rip says

    Huge props for posting this. So much better than the constant barrage of Britney and Miley crap that typically gets posted.

    In fact, Lorde is eviscerating the likes of Britney and Miley in this song.

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