Thor’s Brother Loki Is Bisexual


With anticipation building for the upcoming Thor sequel and the promise of more Chris Hemsworth shirtlessness, new attention is being paid to Thor’s devious brother, Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston in the film adaptations) and the character’s sexuality.

Writer Al Ewing is currently penning a solo comic for Loki entitled, Loki: Agent of Asgard, set to be released by Marvel in 2014. Ewing was recently asked by a fan how Loki’s sexuality will be portrayed in the comic given that Loki is bisexual and a gender-changing shape-shifter in traditional Norse mythology.

As The Quire reports, Ewing responded to the question, which was posted to his tumblr account, with a rejoinder sure to ignite the imaginations of many a fanboy (and girl), “Yes, Loki is bi and I’ll be touching on that. He’ll shift between genders occasionally as well.” Whether or not Loki will be bisexual and a gender-flexible shape-shifter in any upcoming films is still anyone’s guess.


  1. FFS says


    There was one scene in both the first Thor movie and The Avengers, each, where Hemsworth and Hiddleston are angsting at each other in such a way that I couldn’t help but think to myself, “They’ve porked. Those two have totally bumped uglies, at some point.”

  2. Factoids says

    They already played Loki as female in the Marvel event called Dark Reign.

    Its also a part of the actual mythology that he can take on the form of both genders

    So this has been along time in just letting him be what his character is supposed to be

    Also, as a shout out- I would suggest people check out Young Avengers, which has Loki, and three other gay or bi characters on the team

  3. Moz's says

    interesting, but resorting to orthodox norse mythos for his sexuality is kind of non sensical since they didn’t appeal to orthodox norse mythology on who he is = god of fire and a trickster that had nothing to do with frost giants. He also was portrayed in norse poems as having flaming red hair

    make him gay or bisexual just because the creators want to. Marvel loki is not based in any way on orthodox loki to begin with

  4. JMC says

    lol i don’t know how to feel about this because yay for prominent lgbt comic book characters! but boooo for encouraging gross tom hiddleston/loki fan boys and girls

  5. David From Canada says

    I honestly didn’t know that Loki was bisexual until now, which makes his mischievous(and then some) character even more fascinating.
    Don’t look for this facet of his being in American movies, because they are still too frightened of the gay issue. But yes, you will see more of him as he truly is in comics, where they are now allowing super-heroes to be sexual beings. Kids of today can accept it because many of them are experimenting with being bi. It’s just there.

  6. John says

    “Loki is bisexual and a gender-changing shape-shifter in traditional Norse mythology.”

    Um… no. As both a gay man and a Heathen I’m going to have to protest. At no point is Loki ever said to be bi. As for him being trans*, he once turned into a female horse to distract his enemies male horse, at no point does the lore imply that he did this because he wanted to be female. If modern bi and/or trans* polytheists want to envision him as being bi/trans* more power to them. But it’s a total fabrication to claim that Norse mythology intentionally and knowingly portrays him that way.

  7. OddBet says

    John, I’m afraid that you are incorrect. Loki didn’t just “distract” the horse of the builder, he was impregnated by it, later giving birth to Sleipnir. In the story of Baldr’s death, Loki transforms into an elderly woman and refuses to weep, thus condemning Baldr to the care of Hel.

    Finally, during the confrontation between the Aesir and Loki, Oden declares that Loki had previously spent time in the form of a milk maid and borne several children.

    There may be more examples, but that’s what I can think of off the top of my head. Not that it’s necessary, but the justification for a bisexual/gender-fluid Loki is definitely there.

  8. Factoid says

    Playing historical analysis when it comes to modern LGBT definitions is always difficult for LGBTs

    But that’s true for straights as well

    The point is that there is some basis for this and not that definitions are exactly the same

    You will be hard pressed to find anything that’s remained constant

    All the immutability crap pushed by bible thumpers really is crap

  9. HOCKEYJOCK says

    As the God of trickery and transformation, yes, this makes perfect sense. Loki can change forms, species, gender, he can mate with pretty much anything, male or female, some of his children are the most horrifying monsters in the Nine Realms…why would a God like that only be attracted to women?

    After a few millenia, even the most p*ssy whipped Asgardian would get bored and want to try a dude. I seriously doubt the Norse gods had an understanding of sexuality exactly parallel to 21st century Westerners. They are ancient beings from a different realm who have evolved past the need to procreate.

  10. says

    Calling Loki “bi” is ridiculous. He is a shapeshifter. He can choose his gender. Yet, he is “straight” in both genders .. when he’s male he has sex with women and when he’s female, he has sex with men. If he was “bi” he’d also have sex with men when he was male and women when he was female.

    Of course, the fact that we’re discussing the sexuality of a fictional character is a laugh. It’s like discussing who’s the better superhero: Batman or Superman.

  11. Book says

    @ Jarago *will be* Thor/Loki slash?? Tehre’s probably millions of those fics out there already, lol.

    @phoenix justice There’s a whole 007/Q ship out there. The first meeting between them in the museum kind of set that in motion. Great chemistry. Lot’s of great fic out there already.

    And Loki is bi-FROST-sexual, surely? 😉

  12. Factoid says

    Mass murderer?

    In the comics?

    No, not that I know of.

    He’s an anti Hero at this point who used to be a villain

    What I like about this is that it defies easy labeling and fits the characters evolution

  13. pitluver says

    correct me if i’m wrong but…isn’t he the antagonist in the movie? now, i definitely don’t follow comics or any of the avengers movies, but it seems to me that he’s the “evil” brother. so he might be bi or trans but isn’t the movie subtly suggesting that that is a bad thing? maybe that’s just a crazy observation?

  14. Fa says

    The movie version, which is the image above, has no relationship to what’s been going on in the comics, which can be followed in Thor, the Young Avengers and previously the critically acclaimed Journey into Mystery. The later starred Loki as a child after he dies saving Asgard when one of his schemes goes further than he intended. Ultimately at this point he waxes in the comic book between anti-hero and villain-lite. Meaning he’s always about himself, but he manages to help others in the process. As he said one point in Journey into Mystery, he can’t save the world acting as Thor. He can only save the world acting as Loki, which is the god of mischief. The point is his traits may be bad, but he can put them to good use. In fact, the idea for agent of Asgard comes from one story arc in Journey into Mystery where they had him act as an agent of Asgard to stop a war. He did it through trickery by tricking the parties into not going to war although it means bad things for some.

  15. Fa says

    Also, on some level over the years, in the comic book, Thor came to understand his brother better, and his brother came to understand Thor. They still didn’t like each other, but they were a lot more complex than the movie version.

  16. ksamer says

    So one of Marvel’s most popular characters is being broken out of the stereotypical straight mold that usually applies, and people are complaining?

    I think it’s great. Would have killed as a teen to see a comic book character openly being portrayed as LGBT.

  17. Amanda says

    In the comics, Loki has been transitioning from bad guy to good guy, starting when he became a child. Kid Loki was a mini hero desperately trying to prove himself. Now, fullhearted kid Loki is no longer fullhearted or a kid. I don’t want to spoil anything, but bad sh*t went down. Now he’s a teenager and has regained many of his bad traits and has begun manipulating people for the worse again. But just when you think he’s gone completely evil, he goes and helps everyone out. Is it for his own purposes? With this new Loki it’s harder than ever to be sure. But you get the feeling that hero is winning out over the villain in him, bit by bit. So in response to PITLUVER, no this isn’t making a bad guy bi. Not quite.

    If you’re interested in any of this, you can read Kid Loki’s story in Journey to Mystery Vol 1-4 (2012), or you can start right after all the bad stuff went down and see the not so good Kid Loki in Young Avengers Vol 1 (2013).

  18. Lila says

    I dont like that they only portray the bad, wicked, twisted men as gay in the media, and never the heroic good guys.

    People who know several gay men in their life realize that gay men are not bad wicked and twisted. But people who dont know any gay men in their life do get a large part of their ideas about gay men from the media, because it may be the only source of information they have.

    The media is far from neutral or realistic when it comes to portraying gay men.

  19. Lurker says

    Aaron knows what’s up.

    The fact the Loki is a shapeshifter pretty much sums everything up. I watched an Avengers TV series which portrayed Loki as a female news-anchor who was able to persuade Hulk and Thor into a brawl. Guy-Loki probably wouldn’t get such a response out of them. The God of Mischief portrayed in Norse mythology is manipulative and cunning, using other’s bodies through shape-shifting to accomplish what he couldn’t do in his own–last I checked, that was not the definition of ‘bi’.

    Quick Note: Without going into all the discrepancies between the myths and the comics (there are many), I think that one can safely assume that a sex-for-manipulation myth-Loki is far different than the ‘hey look, now there’s a bi character’ comic/movie-Loki.

    Just my two cents.

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