Tom Hardy Signs on to Play Elton John in ‘Rocketman’


In May we reported that Tom Hardy was circling a biopic of Elton John called Rocketman. He has now signed on to the picture which will be produced by Focus Features, EW reports:

Rocketman will tell John’s legendary story, from his childhood to his unbelievable rise to fame. John is set to re-record a number of his biggest hits to match the emotional moments in the film, which will be directed by Michael Gracey, the man behind the upcoming film The Greatest Showman on Earth starring Hugh Jackman.

The screenplay was written by War Horse writer Lee Hall and starts shooting in fall 2014.

Screendaily adds:

Steve Hamilton Shaw and David Furnish of Rocket Pictures are producing alongside Lawrence Bender on behalf of AI Film, the production and financing company that ensued from the acquisition of Icon by Len Blavatnik’s Access Industries.


  1. MaryM says

    Good choice. Bisexual Tom Hardy playing bisexual Elton John (well Elton was married to a woman in the 1980’s around the time he was pocketing lots of cash to play to segregated audiences in apartheid era South Africa.

  2. Pete N SFO says

    Well, that’s very, VERY, kind casting… to be sure!!!

    Elton, was as unattractive in the 70’s as he is now. At least now he has his hair. I wonder if they’ll include that in the biopic. ;0

  3. Mike says

    Should be a great motion picture of a fantastic gay LEGEND! Elton John plans to re-record many of his hit songs especially for the film. Tom Hardy seems to be an excellent choice for Rocketman.

  4. will says

    This is the SWEETEST thing. You bitter queens, hesh up! :) The young director is a hot-shot commercial director. Tom’s lip-syncing. The guy who wrote the screenplay for “Billy Elliot” wrote this.

    I’m hoping this and HBO’s “Normal Heart” are smashing. I’m still spitting that godawful taste of the dreadful Liberace movie out of my mouth. I don’t care HOW many Emmys it got. Liberace in mink furs and sipping champagne in an indoor hot tub while snorting coke with a pick-up is not my idea of entertainment.

  5. Reginald says

    Wait… Elton is re-recording many of his biggest hits for the soundtrack? Why on earth would we want to hear a 66 year-old man coughing out some of his most beautiful songs that he sang in his 20’s.

  6. Mick says

    As executive producer, Sir Elton had a “big say” in the casting choices. Thankfully, Tom Hardy is a great actor and will portray the role as bloated and ugly and vain as he possibly can.

  7. MaryM says

    The catty comments are in response to Elton John’s repeated betrayals of his own community (and other persecuted communities) in return for cash.

    Let’s look at Elton John’s record.

    1. Repeated shows before segregated audiences in apartheid era South Africa.
    2. His duet and defence of extremist bigot Eminem (who is STILL fetishising violence against gay people in 2013)
    3. His performance as the wedding singer for extremist homophobe Rush Limbaugh for cash.
    4. He upcoming performances in fascist Russia where he promises not to condemn the laws there.

    Elton John is scum.

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