United States Postal Service To Issue Harvey Milk Stamp

MilkEarlier this year we reported on speculation that the United States Postal Service (USPS) might be getting ready to release a Harvey Milk stamp. A campaign advocating for a stamp in Milk's honor began back in 2009 and today the USPS has announced they will in fact be issuing the stamp sometime in 2014. The Harvey Milk Foundation broke the news on Facebook:

"Another advancement for LGBT, recognition for Harvey and his message of hope! Amazing news from Stuart Milk, please share widely!

"Breaking! It is official! The USPS will confirm this week that my uncle, Harvey Milk will be commemorated on a 2014 US postage stamp. Another first! My deep gratitude to everyone that supported this effort! More details including the image to come via USPS soon! "Hope Will Never Be Silent" and will be on millions of letters soon!"

As GayPolitics.com notes, Milk's stamp will be the first to feature an
openly LGBT elected official. Chucke Wolfe, President and CEO of the Gay
& Lesbian Victory Fund and Institute commented on the significance
of the USPS's decision:

"Harvey Milk’s legacy is alive and well…His historic run paved the way
for a new generation of LGBT leaders who can be open and honest about
who they are, and it’s encouraging to see the U.S. Postal Service
honoring his legacy of perseverance and pride today."


  1. says

    Ugh! I used to be a fan of Milk. After I saw the movie, I even got a tattoo related to him.

    But I haaate this guy now! In all of his speeches, he never once linked gay rights to crossdressing and hermaphrodites and sex change operations! In fact, he told the whole world that equating being gay with crossdressing was an antiquated stereotype and that it was offensive to gay people.

    What was he thinking? He was obviously a transphobic bigot and not down with the LBGTQIIAAPSGLNGCQ concept. Soooo glad he is dead.

  2. disgusted american says

    Haaate is a strong word kiwi…..lets give the man the credit due him already! Without him, who knows where we’d all be now……and he wasn’t perefct – heck, even today there is much still to be learned regarding transgendered, hemaphrodites etc etc……show the man some respect dude

  3. RIP says

    Consistently applied pressure is the hallmark of today’s gay rights movement. And who do we wish dead today Kiwi? Milk advocated a gayness that didn’t include every freak under the sun.

  4. Derrick from Phillyl says


    you fell for it again. That’s not Kiwi. Just like the crazy initial posting attributed to me on Berince King (a few months ago) was not me. It’s Rick or his creation “David Hagatha Herne” doing the imposter thing. He’s just as crazy as a motha’ f.ckin’ bed bug.

  5. says

    Appropriate news for Coming Out Day Eve since Harvey was all about coming out.

    Yeah, fake-Kiwi isn’t quite there yet, whoever’s trying. But keep putting in those basement hours and you might nail it eventually!

  6. will says

    I enjoyed the fake Kiwi post. It had some wit. The real Kiwi posts are so damned politically correct and preachy and laughter-free (lighten up, Kiwi!) that the parodies come off as bright and blessedly irreverent.

  7. Mary says

    Does Harvey Milk look a bit like Barry Williams (the actor who played Greg Brady on “The Brady Bunch”) on this stamp? No disrespect intended to Mr. Milk, but this was my first thought when I saw a photo of the stamp.

  8. Mike says

    @Rick Wrong! One of his early boyfriends was a staunch Goldwater Republican and he supported him completely, however Harvey Milk was very much a liberal member of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Despite Republicans attempt to rewrite history AFTER he was killed and became a hero.

  9. Mike says

    @RANDY Could not agree with you more. First I do not understand why decent people would EVEN want to claim somebody else’s identity. (That is revealing of a sick mind or something.) Nonetheless it should be EXTREMELY difficult if not impossible to do!

  10. Dave says

    Mike, I completely agree! Why would someone want to claim another person’s identity? I keep asking myself that every time someone tells me that I am no longer gay but am now LGBTQQIAP. Someone decided to force me into a made up tribe with hermaphrodites, heterosexual transvestites and transsexuals.

    I am simply gay, just like Harvey Milk. So please tell them to stop!

  11. Mike says

    @Dave First, we were ONLY talking about someone using another’s name on the comments board. [grr] However, you changed it from just using someone else’s name to a sexual label or classification. If you ONLY want to consider yourself gay then fine. Do so. Just be yourself and be PROUD then! Personally I am not only gay but have an affinity for and feel a kinship for ALL LGBT people! However that does not mean that you have to be labeled as such if you do not want. I would certainly not force an unwanted label on you anymore then I would insist that you THINK like I do or appreciate the same type of music as me. That would be rather intolerant of me. Right?

  12. Mike says

    By the way guys what is LGBTQQIAP ? This mouthful was apparently coined by some “doctor” in Austin, Texas. Maybe I am a bit of a sceptic but I smell some sort of snake oil “change ministry” here. Please tell me that I am wrong!

  13. Dave says


    I appreciate that, but when you insist that there is such a thing as “LGBT people” you are inevitably classifying all gays as this different thing called LGBT.

    The expanded alphabet soup that you asked about is not even the longest version. But since you asked about that one, Q=questioning, Q=queer, I=intersexed (hermaphrodites), A=asexual or ally, and P=pansexual. The ally category alone, which makes no logical sense since you can’t be both a member of a community and an ally of it at the same time, could include tens of millions of straight people in the United States. This would make gay people a tiny minority within their own supposed “community.”

    But since you feel kinship for all “LGBT” people, you may as well go all out and extend that kinship to the entire alphabet, so here the longest version I have seen:


    Have fun with all your “people”. Maybe at some point, you’ll decide to be more like Harvey Milk and feel complete being gay.

  14. Mike says

    @DAVE As a gay guy I will continue to enjoy the company of other gays for companionship and sex as WELL as be friends with “ALL my LGBT people”as you put it. Just did not realize that YOU somehow think I need YOUR magnanimous blessing to do so! (THE NERVE!) Listen, I do NOT need YOUR bloody permission pig!!! Do not know exactly what your problem is, if you hate women or what but you are FAR TOO LIMITING! From what I’ve read about him,EVEN Harvey Milk enjoyed the company of a variety of people. One of them being a lesbian at that time by the name of Anne Kronenberg whom he hired to run his last and only successful campaign for him after several earlier losses. She later wrote of him: “What set Harvey apart from you or me was that he was a visionary. He imagined a righteous world inside his head and then he set about to create it for real, for ALL of us.” Currently the Harvey Milk Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Democratic Club boasts that it is the largest Democratic organization in San Francisco while in New York City, Harvey Milk High concentrates on the needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students. LGBT, ♂♂ and ♀♀ Got that . . .

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