1. Distingue Traces says

    It certainly was a pretty downbeat episode – not a lot of glimmers of light in this one!

  2. Charles WmWell says

    Whatever It Is, is deeply engaging, heart and mind. I’m in love
    again, and not just with the characters but the creators of
    them also. I have the feeling Whatever It Is, is breaking new
    territory in dialog and performance. The whole production is
    fresh and alive with emotional intelligence. Gratitude to Towleroad
    for bringing it to those of us who preference the internet.

  3. Pete N SFO says

    I loved how different the actor portraying the character of Boyd (the handler at Powers Pharma) was from his character in the last series.

    And of course, Alan Cummings always delivers.
    I think I have a super Internet-crush on Ari.
    But I also love that we’ve got lesbian story lines… all my galz in real life are so entertaining… they’ll never run out of material following the gay-gurls!