1. David From Canada says

    They train everyday? I’m impressed! They’re into a healthy lifestyle, as opposed to so many bands of yesteryear who sat around and did drugs and drank in their spare time and then ended up in rehab – I hope these new guys escape all that freight.

  2. says

    Those tats look like crap. I can’t understand why anyone would want to plaster junk like that all over their body. And the poor kid will be bald, based upon that already receding hairline, by the time he is thirty-five. I’d be more concerned with that rather than where to put that next garish tattoo.

  3. Joey Y says

    Why does this site devote so much time to following this group? Seriously. Isn’t it a little unseemly to basically reaffirm the whole notion that we must want to jump on these barely-legal guys? They aren’t exactly huge advocates. They don’t do anything to influence LGBT policy or life. I’m not into leering at them just for the sake of leering.

  4. Chaz says

    The ‘you’re all miserable bitter queens’ thing is getting very old.

    Cute lads.

    Nice attitude.

    Meh music.

    Rubbish Barbie tats.

    Working out is healthy but try not to get hooked on the selfies, lads: it makes you look insecure.

  5. Joey Y says

    People like Justin and Marlon just can’t handle the fact that, frankly, some tats ARE ugly and look ill-conceived. I once saw an adult video of a guy who looked pretty good, but once it showed his bare bum, there they were. TWO huge tats, each the size of an Eggo waffle. One was a big, primitive shamrock, and the other was a cloud with a rainbow going into it. They looked stupid, and NOT sexy.

  6. Mike Ryan says

    I’m not against tattoos by any means – I’m just against tattoos that look like crap. There are some guys with absolutely beautiful tattoos but to just deface your body with prison-type markings reveals a lack of education or brains. My grandfather had tattoos and got them while in a Japanese POW camp. He was always embarrassed by them as he grew older and would cover them as best he could. I look at guys with these huge neck tattoos, the teardrops down their cheek, the “F… U…” across their knuckles and wonder what were they thinking? Hopefully tats will eventually be easily removed, perhaps with a new growth of skin over them, but a smart tasteful tattoo or two is envious but an ill-conceived butterfly the size of a full hand is just plain ridiculous.

  7. Sam says


    If you are near their age there is little problem. It’s the creepy older guys that hit on “jail bait” that are the issue.

    And yes, ugly tattoos are ugly.

  8. bicuriousus says

    I love these boys and welcome any and all One Direction posts on Towleroad. They are absolutely adorable and make me feel like a teenage girl must feel.

  9. Enchantra says

    Years ago I complained to the owner of a gay strip club about the trashiness of the dancers. His response was “Here to make money and my customers like their hustlers to look like hustlers.”

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