1. Robert says

    I actually think it’s better than Gaga’s version. And for once someone records on Glee and their vocals don’t sound all processed and autotuned. Shocking!

  2. Mike Ryan says

    For not winning Idol this guy has a great career and he has matured. He looks much better with the dark hair rather than his natural dirty blond. His voice is excellent.

  3. AriesMatt says

    So excited about this episode. Huge Lambert fan and he looks really good. Not sure what is different but his face looks sharper and more angular. Maybe it’s the makeup on set? Hoping Ryan Murphy and company give Adam some decent stuff to work with.

  4. IAN F says

    @JMC I agree, he really is too talented for this show (not acting-wise). After seeing him sing with Queen it was so obvious that he’s miles ahead in sheer talent compared to most of his peers but he needs different material.

    His albums aren’t bad compared to what gets played on radio but for whatever reason radio doesn’t play him, therefor he ends up on Glee. It’s a shame for him and those of us who would like to see some more representation in mainstream music.

  5. Johnathan says

    @Lipter speak for yourself. He is not an embarrassment to the gay community. He is an asset. Self-hating gays like you are an embarrassment to the gay community. So STFU and climb back into the closet.

  6. Lorie says

    Adam does a great job with this cover – better than Gaga. Even though Adam’s character’s name is Starchild I don’t think this is a compliment to Steve (Starchild) Grand, especially since Adam version make Steve look like a rank amateur and Adam does’t have to take his shirt off to be sexy. Adam is a great representative of the LBGT community. What is so great about Wentworth Miller – boring!

  7. Jim says

    No one is a bigger Adam fan than me, but I’ve grown weary of the costumes & makeup. I saw him live on his first tour in NY, and I felt like he would have done better if he had just stood there and sang and ditched the costume changes. We came for the voice, not the wardrobe. It’s gotten so all of his “looks” are off-putting rather than endearing and fun, it’s all this fake attitude that gets in the way of his singing, which is flawless. He looks so great without makeup as just a regular guy.

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