1. emjayay says

    I guess everyone here already knows that trans fats (remember those cans of Crisco?) don’t make anything taste better and were never used by any quality traditional bakers or restaurants. Everything was already invented long before they existed.

  2. Buster says

    I would encourage the creation of a trans fat exception for Mr. Fisher and suggest that the more trans fats you eat, the less time you will have to spend around homosexuals.

  3. emjayay says

    Oh and it’s not just the FDA that thinks trans fats are unhealthy. It’s every food scientist and nutritionist on earth. Actually, the FDA doesn’t think anything until it has analysed and tabulated all the studies and information available on anything. That’s why it’s taken them so long.

  4. says

    Emjayjay — No, you don’t understand: In Bryan Fischer’s universe, evidence and judgments based on evidence are unknown concepts. Opinions are based on those 3,000 year old tribal taboos from a bunch of Middle Eastern sheepherders that one chooses to accept.

  5. Geoff says

    Wonderful!!! All the trans fat WE’RE not ingesting should (by all means) go to Bryan immediately. His life has been too long by at least 30 years, anyway! I’d hand-feed him myself, but I’m much too busy redecorating The Gay Lobby. Fabric!! I want lots of fabric!!

  6. anon says

    The FDA does not have jurisdiction over human behavior, but sodomy used to be banned and life expectancies were much lower. Society has been able to liberate everyone’s sex life because prevention and treatment have reduced the risks, particularly for women. BF’s worldview is a direct assault on the notion of “progress”.

  7. dam846201 says

    Trans fats are unhealthy; homosexuals are not. They have accepted who they are, are not trying to ram their “religion” down anyone’s throat & do make things that are pretty. Fischer’s pissed because we’re getting the right to marriage equality and he still has to run around hiding in closets & T-rooms & changing rooms to get off!

  8. Bill says

    @JackFknTwist: it was the White Queen. You have to get it, err, straight: queens are so fussy about colors.

    What Bryan Fisher really missed is that the FDA is not preventing him from using trans fats: the idea is to stop corporations from sneaking trans fats into their products to make a buck at your expense. You shouldn’t have to take a magnifying glass to the supermarket so you can read the fine print on each package you buy to see what is really in it (plus a dictionary since, if they know trans fats are bad, they’ll simply use a different name). The sleaziness of these large corporations is truly amazing: I once saw a packaged pastry and it listed the number of calories per serving. The pastry was in one piece and not very large but they pretended it was two servings so they could make the number of calories seem lower. Those are the creeps the FDA is supposed to be protecting us from.

  9. e.c. says

    Actually Bry, trans fats don’t make anything “taste” better. They were developed as a means to extend the shelf life of producs that would otherwise spoil if they used natural ingredients – mostly butter and other natural fats. Dumbass.

  10. thom says

    …Just when we thought Fischer was perhaps “sane”(a relative term in this case), he has proven once again that there is a fine, VERY fine line between insanity and religious zealotry. He seems to fall in the former category. And boy, is he reaching on this one! Really? What’s next you cretin, repealing the Civil Rights act of the ’60’s? You and your kind are the worst examples of “Christianity”, right up (down) there with the Westboro Baptist Church’s band of in-bred maniacs…GO. WAY. NOW

  11. RyeJaymesReid says

    The Junk-Food Industry manipulates its trans-fat ingredients to show there is a “zero” trans-fat amount in 1-gram/serving…when in actuality there is say half a gram per 1-gram/serving, so eating more than just one serving exposes the hidden artery-clogging truth … something BF’s ‘logic’ inherently despises. To quote the Buddha: Three things will not soon be Hidden; the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth!

  12. mmike1969 says

    This idiot and his lemmings are as dangerous as religious fanatics coming out of the Middle East.

    Too bad too many people gives this moron a platform to spew his hate and ignorance of his false religion.

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