1. Vint says

    It’s not everyday that a Friend of Dorothy gets to play out his deepest fantasies on television. He must be very happy…

    Seriously, Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has been interpreted by serious commentators as political allegory. But nothing as astoundingly strange as this!

  2. Rick says

    Who did he cast as Dorothy? If he left the role open, look for a major riot to break out in the Comments section any minute now (sad to say), with Derrick ready to deck anyone who dares challenge his claim (Oh, wait, Dorothy is white and from Kansas…..LOL)

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “….with Derrick ready to deck anyone who dares challenge his claim (Oh, wait, Dorothy is white and from Kansas…”

    Derrick who?

    Please, I was playing Dorothy in the stretts of North Philly when you were still wondering what to do about the skid marks in the back of your drawahs.

    “…if ever oh ever a Wiz there was, the Wizard of Oz is one because…because…because…because…because….”

    Don’t bring those precious memories, you butch queen

  4. Mark says

    YOU are the yappy one DUDE….and cairn terriers are not yappy…I own one and I trust her more than I would ever trust you and she has more intelligence than you could dream of….maybe your magic Mormon undies have rendered you stupid!!!

  5. Tyler says

    Did you guys know that Rick and Kev C are actually the same conservative, homophobic and anti-women troll? Pretty pathetic that he needs to employ other aliases to make his crazy rants seem more substantive. It’s the same kind of crazy that fuels Glenn Beck, also a conservative troll.

  6. Lars says

    And no, I am quite certain he is not ill or on drugs. He knows exactly what he is saying and doing. Everything is calculated to amass a rabidly loyal following.

    What he plans to do with that following is the truly interesting question to ponder. Maybe nothing more than pad his pocketbook. Let’s hope it is nothing more grandiose or sinister.

  7. Thomas Cardellino says

    Why is it that I have never been able to watch more than a maximum of two minutes of Glenn Beck without utter revulsion, but also admittedly with a sense of touring Bedlam like the British “tourists” who used to pay to be entertained by the truly unchecked insane in that infamous asylum?

  8. says

    Glenn Beck has twice come out not being against gay marriage. In 2010 and 2013. The responses are the same from gay bootlickers: “F**k You”. I take it many gays only want Democrats. Your simple minds only understand black and white.

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