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Ben Cohen Dances a Sweaty, Shirtless Paso Doble: VIDEO


Rugby star and LGBT ally Ben Cohen performed a shirtless Paso Doble on this week's Strictly Come Dancing. Judge Bruno Tonioli was extra-impressed.



And a little behind-the-scenes action:



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  1. I get mad at myself for crushing on straight guys, but, what the hell. I want that!

    Posted by: Ken | Nov 3, 2013 9:07:07 AM

  2. Wow. I've seen plenty of pictures of Ben Cohen but it's only when you see him with another person that you realize how big and muscular he really is.

    Very nice.

    Posted by: Caliban | Nov 3, 2013 9:09:02 AM

  3. Ben did a great job, would love to see him win.

    Posted by: Jay | Nov 3, 2013 9:12:59 AM

  4. Cute charity scammer...

    Posted by: Ankerich | Nov 3, 2013 9:48:07 AM

  5. What a man's body indeed, and with that simple, good natured boy's face and smile on him, Ben Cohen is one of the most unspoiled celebrities out there. The genuine article. Add to that that he is such a champion for gay rights and who can help loving the guy.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Nov 3, 2013 9:55:12 AM

  6. Such a joy to see.

    Posted by: Matt27 | Nov 3, 2013 10:00:06 AM

  7. @(Can)crerich;



    Posted by: Davidberkley | Nov 3, 2013 10:07:31 AM

  8. @ Ken - that's normal. You're just being turned on by a set of attributes, and what a set of attributes!

    Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Nov 3, 2013 10:08:56 AM

  9. He needs to be the winner of every mag's sexiest man alive this year. Not just because he's almost painfully gorgeous but because he's got so much courage and integrity.

    Posted by: jersey | Nov 3, 2013 10:18:10 AM

  10. Ben Cohen is a human tour de force.

    Posted by: Rob | Nov 3, 2013 10:31:08 AM

  11. boyfriend material.

    Posted by: Eddie | Nov 3, 2013 10:44:56 AM

  12. It's starting to piss me off that in the persona of Ben Cohen, we have an actual ROLE MODEL for straight guys who are gay-supportive, and yet we can't keep ourselves from sexualizing and objectifying him.

    Does he buy into this? Yes. He put out his own shirtless calendar this year.

    But damnit, people, when can we have role models who we don't turn into sex objects?!??

    Posted by: GMB | Nov 3, 2013 11:02:57 AM

  13. Hot. But ... isn't Bruno the judge here and on the US version sort of a Mr. Humphries sterotype for today? It is great he is openly gay but it seems his antics/actions of same sex attraction are always treated as a joke. The hosts and others always treat his interest in the guys in a joking manner. Whatever, sexy video.

    Posted by: Timothyd | Nov 3, 2013 11:32:20 AM

  14. And GMB I agree. I love Ben Cohen, but your point is well made.

    Posted by: Timothyd | Nov 3, 2013 11:33:26 AM

  15. GMB you are a fool. Ben knows exactly what he's doing. Do you really think he poses in sexy half-naked shots and posts them on his blog in hopes that gay men will ignore his hotness?

    Posted by: JWL | Nov 3, 2013 11:39:13 AM

  16. @GMB Ben has knowingly turned himself into a sex object, maybe you're too dense to get it?

    Posted by: Frank | Nov 3, 2013 11:40:51 AM

  17. In all fairness, Ben is not just soliciting the gay male attention. I'm sure straight women are equally as turned on...

    Posted by: AriesMatt | Nov 3, 2013 11:41:53 AM

  18. Some of you think that Ben poses nearly naked and dances shirtless because he's a demure flower who doesn't want to be objectified?

    Posted by: DrKRL | Nov 3, 2013 11:43:15 AM

  19. Ben trimmed his fur. Bad Ben!

    Posted by: Ruddigore | Nov 3, 2013 12:01:15 PM

  20. It goes to show that talent doesn't win these silly competitions. It is a popularity contest. Good for him, but the guy can't dance. He looks so awkward and stiff

    Posted by: Perry | Nov 3, 2013 12:25:18 PM

  21. Oh for god's sake. There are many gay allies I like but am not sexually attracted to. I'm not going to be ashamed of the fact that while I admire Ben Cohen's anti-bullying campaign, which is gay supportive, he also pushes about every button I have.

    Physically he's very attractive. Am I supposed to pretend not to notice that? He's certainly aware of it or he wouldn't be putting out a calendar, right?

    Posted by: Caliban | Nov 3, 2013 12:31:47 PM

  22. Shorter GMB: "Damn you, Ben Cohen, damn you for not being a fugly role model.

    Posted by: Acronym Jim | Nov 3, 2013 12:42:32 PM

  23. "It's starting to piss me off that in the persona of Ben Cohen, we have an actual ROLE MODEL for straight guys who are gay-supportive, and yet we can't keep ourselves from sexualizing and objectifying him."

    Because celebrating beauty and sexuality is bad?

    I'd agree if people were trying to make his appeal solely about his body. I honestly haven't seen that.

    And there are plenty of pretty assholes who DON'T get the support and adulation of the community.

    I'd lighten up. He's adorable.

    Posted by: Lymis | Nov 3, 2013 12:48:42 PM

  24. P.S.: Harvey Milk, Divine, Larry Cramer, Barney Frank, etc., etc., etc.

    While all of these role models, no doubt, had or have people who find them sexy, none are known primarily for being sex objects.

    But your concern (trolling) is noted.

    Posted by: Acronym Jim | Nov 3, 2013 12:50:39 PM

  25. He's gorgeous and I love him but "So You Think You Can Dance" spoiled me. He should stick to rugby. Paso doble is one of my faves and he blew it. Still a great guy though.

    Posted by: AJ | Nov 3, 2013 12:58:16 PM

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