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Catholic League's Bill Donohue Wants Bill Maher Axed Because Dan Savage Pointed Out That Priests Rape Children


Dan Savage's recent appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher was the last straw for Catholic League blowhard Bill Donohue, who sent off a strongly-worded letter to the board of directors of Time Warner.

DonohueWrites Donohue:

Maher commented on gay couples who adopt children, alleging that a Hawaiian bishop said these kids had a greater chance of committing suicide. Here is how Savage responded: “That’s total bulls***. He’s confusing children of gay parents with children who are raped by Catholic priests. Sorry, I am just done being lectured about children and their safety by Catholic-f***ing bishops, priests, cardinals.” Shortly thereafter, Savage again remarked about “kiddie-f***ing Catholic priests.”

We are sending to every member of Time Warner’s board of directors a copy of 54 anti-Catholic statements made by Bill Maher on TV [click here to read the report]. Friday’s show concluded the season. The time has come to close this show once and for all.

Tweets Savage:

"Funny thing about this... that I was raised Catholic. And so was @billmaher. Also, too, we're in the right."

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  1. Maher and Savage - two of my heroes with the balls to call out the bullshitters! We need more people like them.

    Posted by: Paul | Nov 26, 2013 8:48:11 AM


    What a maroon! Yeah, I know HBO, Bill Maher, and Dan Savage are all peeing in their panties from that threat from BillyBoy. I'll bet Dan Savage is going to give Bill Donohue "buttloads" of grief for this dumbass move.

    Posted by: dommyluc | Nov 26, 2013 8:49:55 AM

  3. Yeah, HBO and Time Warner are really going to give a flying crap about a self-promoting letter from a hypocrite that most people have forgotten if they ever even knew of him. I don't care much for Maher because of his smugness, though I agree with nearly all his views (I feel the same about Rachel Maddow). But what a stupid stunt to assume that any show would be canceled because a (surprise!) gay guest told the truth about just some of the many well-documented, hideous atrocities of the catholic church.

    Posted by: Paul R | Nov 26, 2013 8:56:30 AM

  4. Same old catholic story. South Park nailed it when the vatican was trying to discover why the abused boys were complaining. Hiding the facts doesn't make them go away. The catholic church is the largest pedo organization in the world. Through the abuse of their members and the coordinated cover-ups have made they have lost any moral high ground. In fact through tax exemptions we all support their abuses.

    Posted by: terry | Nov 26, 2013 9:06:16 AM

  5. It must be emphasized every time this blowhard opens his mouth: he is ONLY ONE GUY who has a lot of money and disproportionate influence. There is no "league" behind him.

    He's just a lonely uber-conservative idiot that, for some reason, the media chooses to treat as representative of regular lay Catholics.

    Posted by: Lars | Nov 26, 2013 9:06:43 AM

  6. Truth is the ultimate defense.

    Posted by: SeanSean | Nov 26, 2013 9:09:58 AM

  7. If the shoe fits......

    Posted by: Caliban | Nov 26, 2013 9:16:10 AM

  8. If Dan Savage is makin' Donohue angry, he's makin' ME happy.

    Bill Donohue is just a male version of Maggie Gallagher. In fact, has anyone ever seen the two of them in the same room at the same time?

    A question worth asking: how many children has Donohue molested?

    Posted by: Donna Who? | Nov 26, 2013 9:20:00 AM

  9. Conservative hypocrites like Donohue hate nothing more than having their hypocrisy pointed out and ridiculed.

    Posted by: Gregory In Seattle | Nov 26, 2013 9:21:52 AM

  10. Bill Donohue is a cartoon figure with a typewriter and a fax machine out in his garage. There is more credibility coming from the Justice League than from his one-man Catholic League.
    He's such a faithful follower that he's recently seen fit to criticize his own Pope:

    Posted by: Wavin' Dave | Nov 26, 2013 9:24:27 AM

  11. Aaaaaw. Christians offended? Good.

    Posted by: Bravo | Nov 26, 2013 9:29:43 AM

  12. Bill Pedophile Protector Donohue is offended. Pooooooooooor baby.

    Posted by: Sean | Nov 26, 2013 9:34:05 AM

  13. Bill Donohue: How do my ass taste?

    Posted by: Derrick in Philly | Nov 26, 2013 9:35:22 AM

  14. If Bill Donohue doesn't look like the world's biggest pedophile then grab me a flipping unicorn so I can ride off into the sunset.

    Posted by: Michael | Nov 26, 2013 9:46:30 AM

  15. @ "Bill Donohue: How do my ass taste?"

    Posted by: Derrick in Philly | Nov 26, 2013 9:35:22 AM

    It tastes like Oil of Olay Soap...right now.

    And it's "Derrick FROM Philly" you silly fool.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Nov 26, 2013 9:49:50 AM

  16. Looks like Mr. Savage hit a nerve. Good!

    Posted by: Jack M | Nov 26, 2013 9:50:06 AM

  17. Donohue's action is not news, it's "dog bites man."

    Posted by: Karen | Nov 26, 2013 9:52:20 AM

  18. Cancel the show? Why can't he just settle for condemning them to Hell? You know, like a Catholic priest would.

    Or, since both sinners are or were Catholic can't they just make a good confession and say three Hail Mary's and five Our Fathers and be forgiven and welcomed back into the flock?

    Seems like there are more options Mr. Catholic League didn't consider.

    Posted by: james | Nov 26, 2013 9:59:42 AM

  19. Would you trust your kids with Donohue? He gives off total child molester vibes.

    Posted by: homer | Nov 26, 2013 10:02:09 AM

  20. Bill Donohue has never blamed the priest. He has written many opinion editorials that have been published all across America where always blames the Gay community for all the child molestations involving the church.
    Also, he is NOT some nutcase working out of his basement. He is very well funded with an office in midtown Manhattan. It is a mistake to disregard his influence.

    Posted by: 1♥ | Nov 26, 2013 10:04:40 AM

  21. @Derrick FROM Philly: WTF are you talking about? Are you so self-centered that you think you're the only person in the state of Pennsylvania named Derrick?

    Ego much, Soapy Ass? Get over yourself.

    Posted by: Derrick in Philly | Nov 26, 2013 10:10:33 AM

  22. if you have not seen the segment, please watch it. It is priceless! My husband and I were laughing out loud at Dan's laying out the Catholic Church. Both of us, now atheists, were raised Catholic.

    Posted by: DC Insider | Nov 26, 2013 10:10:51 AM

  23. @ "Are you so self-centered that you think you're the only person in the state of Pennsylvania named Derrick?"

    Yeah. The only one that matters.

    And why did you try to use "Ebonic" phrasing in your false initial comment?

    Rick, get over yourself.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Nov 26, 2013 10:20:19 AM

  24. The Catholic Church has tried for years to cover up the child rape that was prevalent in the church. This is just one more attempt to silence anyone who wants to bring the crimes into the light. More silence, more coverup. It's time people stand with the victims and not with the Catholic Church silencing machine. Why does this guy want to censor anyone who does not agree with the church? Is this the 13th Century?

    Posted by: Petur Workman | Nov 26, 2013 10:52:20 AM

  25. The catholic Church like the Republican party have their collective heads up their a** so far they can't see daylight. two truths - the Republican hate indiscriminately and the Catholic Church routinely hides and protects and denies child molestation by their priests. Sadly when the truth is pointed out they react like victims but don't think twice about disparaging and marginalizing minorities, the poor, the indigent, people who are sick and have not health care and anyone who is different than they are. Hypocrisy at it's most obvious. Does anyone really care what Bill Donohue thinks or has to say. Just Shut Up!

    Posted by: david from Edmonton | Nov 26, 2013 11:01:54 AM

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