Catholic League’s Bill Donohue Wants Bill Maher Axed Because Dan Savage Pointed Out That Priests Rape Children


Dan Savage's recent appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher was the last straw for Catholic League blowhard Bill Donohue, who sent off a strongly-worded letter to the board of directors of Time Warner.

DonohueWrites Donohue:

Maher commented on gay couples who adopt children, alleging that a Hawaiian bishop said these kids had a greater chance of committing suicide. Here is how Savage responded: “That’s total bulls***. He’s confusing children of gay parents with children who are raped by Catholic priests. Sorry, I am just done being lectured about children and their safety by Catholic-f***ing bishops, priests, cardinals.” Shortly thereafter, Savage again remarked about “kiddie-f***ing Catholic priests.”

We are sending to every member of Time Warner’s board of directors a copy of 54 anti-Catholic statements made by Bill Maher on TV [click here to read the report]. Friday’s show concluded the season. The time has come to close this show once and for all.

Tweets Savage:

"Funny thing about this… …is that I was raised Catholic. And so was @billmaher. Also, too, we're in the right."


  1. dommyluc says


    What a maroon! Yeah, I know HBO, Bill Maher, and Dan Savage are all peeing in their panties from that threat from BillyBoy. I’ll bet Dan Savage is going to give Bill Donohue “buttloads” of grief for this dumbass move.

  2. Paul R says

    Yeah, HBO and Time Warner are really going to give a flying crap about a self-promoting letter from a hypocrite that most people have forgotten if they ever even knew of him. I don’t care much for Maher because of his smugness, though I agree with nearly all his views (I feel the same about Rachel Maddow). But what a stupid stunt to assume that any show would be canceled because a (surprise!) gay guest told the truth about just some of the many well-documented, hideous atrocities of the catholic church.

  3. terry says

    Same old catholic story. South Park nailed it when the vatican was trying to discover why the abused boys were complaining. Hiding the facts doesn’t make them go away. The catholic church is the largest pedo organization in the world. Through the abuse of their members and the coordinated cover-ups have made they have lost any moral high ground. In fact through tax exemptions we all support their abuses.

  4. Lars says

    It must be emphasized every time this blowhard opens his mouth: he is ONLY ONE GUY who has a lot of money and disproportionate influence. There is no “league” behind him.

    He’s just a lonely uber-conservative idiot that, for some reason, the media chooses to treat as representative of regular lay Catholics.

  5. Donna Who? says

    If Dan Savage is makin’ Donohue angry, he’s makin’ ME happy.

    Bill Donohue is just a male version of Maggie Gallagher. In fact, has anyone ever seen the two of them in the same room at the same time?

    A question worth asking: how many children has Donohue molested?

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Bill Donohue: How do my ass taste?”

    Posted by: Derrick in Philly | Nov 26, 2013 9:35:22 AM

    It tastes like Oil of Olay Soap…right now.

    And it’s “Derrick FROM Philly” you silly fool.

  7. james says

    Cancel the show? Why can’t he just settle for condemning them to Hell? You know, like a Catholic priest would.

    Or, since both sinners are or were Catholic can’t they just make a good confession and say three Hail Mary’s and five Our Fathers and be forgiven and welcomed back into the flock?

    Seems like there are more options Mr. Catholic League didn’t consider.

  8. 1♥ says

    Bill Donohue has never blamed the priest. He has written many opinion editorials that have been published all across America where always blames the Gay community for all the child molestations involving the church.
    Also, he is NOT some nutcase working out of his basement. He is very well funded with an office in midtown Manhattan. It is a mistake to disregard his influence.

  9. Derrick in Philly says

    @Derrick FROM Philly: WTF are you talking about? Are you so self-centered that you think you’re the only person in the state of Pennsylvania named Derrick?

    Ego much, Soapy Ass? Get over yourself.

  10. DC Insider says

    if you have not seen the segment, please watch it. It is priceless! My husband and I were laughing out loud at Dan’s laying out the Catholic Church. Both of us, now atheists, were raised Catholic.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Are you so self-centered that you think you’re the only person in the state of Pennsylvania named Derrick?”

    Yeah. The only one that matters.

    And why did you try to use “Ebonic” phrasing in your false initial comment?

    Rick, get over yourself.

  12. Petur Workman says

    The Catholic Church has tried for years to cover up the child rape that was prevalent in the church. This is just one more attempt to silence anyone who wants to bring the crimes into the light. More silence, more coverup. It’s time people stand with the victims and not with the Catholic Church silencing machine. Why does this guy want to censor anyone who does not agree with the church? Is this the 13th Century?

  13. david from Edmonton says

    The catholic Church like the Republican party have their collective heads up their a** so far they can’t see daylight. two truths – the Republican hate indiscriminately and the Catholic Church routinely hides and protects and denies child molestation by their priests. Sadly when the truth is pointed out they react like victims but don’t think twice about disparaging and marginalizing minorities, the poor, the indigent, people who are sick and have not health care and anyone who is different than they are. Hypocrisy at it’s most obvious. Does anyone really care what Bill Donohue thinks or has to say. Just Shut Up!

  14. northalabama says

    let me get this right – pedopriests are shuffled around by the church while they keep buggering children, but bill and dan must lose their jobs for talking about it?

    keep on talkin’, donohue, the world needs to hear your total bs opinions so they will see your “faith” for what it really is – sanctioned bigotry, not “love”.

  15. Uffda says

    The Catholic is failing widely and decisively. Male children will soon be safer, but don’t count on it yet because beyond the Catholic Church some new organization has to be found which will harbor homosexual pedophiles.

    Actually, the majority of C. Priests may not be outright pedophiles and, truth to tell, the Catholic Church has played an important part in providing a home and livelihood for gay men. In fact someday someone must write a play or script which will tell the story of two men (or more) who find in, say the Medieval Church, a sympathetic harbor for the genuine amatory love between two men who, as it might happen, heroically bring about a the downfall of a cruel King, or some such.

    This would be in addition to the one about reorientation camps for Evangelical Christians complete with electro-shock Bible-correction therapy.

  16. Bart says

    Donohue needs to pull up his plastic underwear and quit making excuses for the sins of the Catholic Church. Donohue is a ridiculous assclown that would face the truth if it had him bent over a desk and was doing him from behind.

    Let him write letters. Lots of people write letters. Both Savage and Maher are laughing wildly at this sick, sick troll of a human being that is so unrepresentative of 99% of Catholics. The old man is now simply a joke.

  17. Lymis says

    The accusation is always that when people like Savage say things like this that he’s claiming that all priests rape kids. They don’t, and Dan has never said they do. Faux outrage that Dan ever said any such thing just deflects from the real issue.

    The real issue that when priests do and did rape children, it was brought to the attention of the authorities, who not only didn’t take action, but actively covered it up, shamed the victims, and pressured the parents – with the full weight of their perceived eternal salvation behind it.

    That makes it an institutional issue, and it makes every single person in authority in the Catholic Church completely culpable. At this point, not a single one of them can claim that they aren’t aware of the problem, and they are still doing next to nothing to solve it, and getting away with it.

    Dan has repeatedly said that if kids got raped at Denny’s with the frequency they get raped at church, no parent would take a kid within a thousand yards of one, and every Denny’s in the country would be shut down, if not burned down.

    Hell, if ONE kid got raped at a Denny’s and the corporate response was, “Who cares? We’ll just transfer the manager, or promote him to corporate headquarters” the outcry would be stunning.

    It’s not Bill Maher that needs to be fired. It’s every Catholic employee with a rank higher than holy water carrier. Not a single bishop in the whole organization should have survived this. Not even the ones who didn’t “do” it, but sat quietly while others “did.”

  18. jamal49 says

    Bill Donohue? Harrrumph! Biggest bovine blowhard ever. The man insists that the pedophilia that the Church has covered up for, well, CENTURIES is all the fault of “aberrant homosexuals” who joined the priesthood just so they could hide out in the Church and molest young boys–all, of course, to make the Catholic faithful look bad. Billy D. does forget that much of the shameful pedophilia covered up by the Church included young girls being molested by Catholic priests.

  19. Rick says

    And so Dan Savage continues to reinforce the image of gay men as sleazy, foul-mouthed, disease-ridden outcasts without any sense of how to behave in mainstream society.

    He could have made the point he was trying to make eloquently and convincingly, but instead, by resorting to his usual gutter language and adolescent behavior, all he did, undoubtedly, was cause most people to turn off to his message and feel sympathetic towards the Church.

  20. says

    Disease-ridden? Are you Dan’s doctor? Hate to break it to you, Rrick, but Dan is pretty much totally mainstream. Bill Donohue is a loony old outcast, you know, the type to always be writing angry and irrational missives from his basement.

  21. jtramon says

    Rick/Bob/Ray/Dan/Whoever you’re pretending to be this minute-

    Ernie has a point-Dan is pretty much mainstream. “Disease-ridden” “Sleazy”, “Outcasts”??

    Wow, it sounds that this is coming from someone who apparently doesn’t have a very high opinion of themselves. Indeed, could this be what you really feel about yourself?

    That you have to take to the internet to rant and rave to make yourself feel important is pretty sad.

    All that negativity must make for a very unhappy, miserable old man.

  22. MajorTom says


    And I want the Catholic League (and the Catholic Church) axed because priests rape children, cover it up to the point of obstructing justice, and attempt to silence anyone who brings it up.

  23. Rick says

    Respected people in the mainstream do not peepper everything they say with words like bullsh!t and don’t use the f-word every other sentence.

    Can you imagine Barack Obama talking like that? Can you imagine any spokesman for any respectable organization or charity talking like that? Can you imagine even Al Sharpton or any other individual who purports to represent any minority group talking like that?

    No, you can’t, but from a gay man, it is exactly what everybody expects…..and gets.

    Just further evidence of a movement gone badly, badly wrong in every way imaginable.

  24. says

    Dan isn’t the President. Nor is he spokesman for an organization, respectable or otherwise. He’s a spokesman for himself and offers his deliberately provocative perspective on gay issues as one gay man. Don’t have to agree with him, but he’s popular. Bill Donohue isn’t. Bill is the definition of outcast, one whose only interest in life is covering up the lies of the Catholic Church. Unlike Dan, he has no influence over anything.

    Those who think the gay movement has gone horribly wrong are free to head right out into the mainstream and do their part to change it.

  25. says

    The truth hurts, doesn’t it, Mr. Donohue? Too bad that you’re not even feeling 0.01% of the pain experienced all by those poor children that were raped and bullied into silence. I wish there really was a Hell so that you and your rape-apologist brethren can rot there for eternity.

  26. Jim says

    There’s no “league” in the Catholic League. And there’s no “catholic” either. It’s just Bill Donohue and maybe some of his family. It is not a church organization, not chartered by the church, not organized by the church, does not speak for the church, has no authority to act for the church. It’s just a freelance parasite feeding of the church for his own gain. Why does anybody give this faker the time of day?

  27. Rob says

    What Dan said isn’t “anti Catholic” it is anti pedophilia. There is no state in the union with fewer than 50 cases of Priest abuse.

    Dan is articulate, effective, and funny. And as it says in the Torah, “A lesson taught with humor is a lesson retained.”

  28. emjayay says

    Thanks Ernie, you saved me some typing.

    Obviously, both Dan Savage and Bill Maher use a slight bit of comic hyperbole and the occasional strong language to make their points. Like when Donohue got gay visual art censored at the Smithsonian censored, he doesn’t choose to understand artistic forms when used to criticise the Catholic Church, and gets his knickers all in a twist. Or go with pearl clutching if you prefer that image. I’m guessing he’s also a little upset about Pope Francis’ latest encyclical which includes discrediting trickle down economics. Bet that’s grinding his gears too. (Yeah, three in one comment!)

  29. walter says

    what’s the matter cry baby the truth hurt ? how many 100’s of millions have been paid out in law suits, damages, and defense fees. hell the cardinal of new york buried money in a cemetery fund to keep from paying damages . doesn’t donohue know lying is a sin?

  30. BETTY says

    RICK: every time there is a mention of Dan Savage you spew your venom. It’s getting old.

    “Dan Savage continues to reinforce the image of gay men as sleazy, foul-mouthed, disease-ridden outcasts without any sense of how to behave in mainstream society.” EXCUSE ME? Is that the image out there? According to who? You, your highness? We get it, you hate women, lesbians, black people, anyone who isn’t white and masculine and apparently all gay men or anyone who isn’t like you. Pathetic.

    Oh, and we aren’t stupid Rick. Every time people challenge you on your vitriol UFFDA always conveniently pipes up and defends you. We know it is you. Get a life.

  31. ANNIE says

    Yes Rick, I am shocked too that the awful gay man does not speak like all perfect heterosexuals! Straight people are all refined and pure and not one of us ever swears or is blunt. We should be protected from the gays. They are ALL crass and crude and they should be sent away so our precious, virgin ears aren’t exposed to such awful language. Won’t somebody please think of the children!!!!! Sarcasm.

    BTW I am shocked he was on this pure as snow program and was also sitting across from a straight person who would NEVER, EVER use salty language. The horror of it all! Sarcasm again.

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