1. roche says

    her new cd has quite a few amazing songs on it. check out BREAKAWAY – written by judy garland’s great niece, or something like that. if released and promoted right, would be a big hit.

  2. Rick says

    “Well as staged as this was, I’d like to see a video of Madonna or Britney trying to sing like this in the bathroom.”

    Or Lady Gaga or Beyonce, either. Honey, puh–leez. (LOL)

  3. richard says

    i wish i knew what she and her voice coach (?) were saying. while i do appreciate a pop star that can actually sing with some power, she has no resonance in back, it’s all in the mask. some of those higher notes were not pretty. i’d be curious to see what she could sound like with some classical training.

  4. Alex N says

    @JACK: Nothing about it was hysterical. Even worse, her French Canadian is just so ugly to hear. She speaks with the finesse you would expect. I have enjoyed some of her eccentricities over the years, but at this point she can’t even back herself up as a great singer. Again, I wish it was possible for people to hear that pushing the voice to maximal volume is not the same thing as singing well. She sounds sharp to me.

  5. FancyPants says

    Are people here actually criticizing Celine Dion’s voice? Are you nuts or were you in a coma during the 90s? Celine Dion has one of the most amazing ranges of any female artist out there. Period. I’m flabbergasted really. Please, get your head out of your arses.

  6. Acronym Jim says

    The theme song from Titanic was originally written as a jingle for Viagra titled “My Hard Will Go On.”

    Think about it: “Neeeaaarrr, Faaaaaaaar, WhereEEEEEEEVer you are…”

    This has been your fake fact of the day.

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