Chelsea Manning is Thankful for Truth Seekers and Social Justice Pioneers

Chelsea Manning is one of several public figures writing on Thanksgiving for TIME magazine:

ManningI’m usually hesitant to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. After all, the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony systematically terrorized and slaughtered the very same Pequot tribe that assisted the first English refugees to arrive at Plymouth Rock. So, perhaps ironically, I’m thankful that I know that, and I’m also thankful that there are people who seek out, and usually find, such truths.  I’m thankful for people who, even surrounded by millions of Americans eating turkey during regularly scheduled commercial breaks in the Green Bay and Detroit football game; who, despite having been taught, often as early as five and six years old, that the “helpful natives” selflessly assisted the “poor helpless Pilgrims” and lived happily ever after, dare to ask probing, even dangerous, questions.

Such people are often nameless and humble, yet no less courageous. Whether carpenters of welders; retail clerks or bank managers; artists or lawyers, they dare to ask tough questions, and seek out the truth, even when the answers they find might not be easy to live with.

Manning goes on to salute Malcolm X, Harvey Milk, and MLK Jr. Her full essay is HERE.


  1. Tyler says

    Rick, you must have a really terrible life. I guess the only thing you have to keep you going is posting terrible things all over this site. You pathetic troll. Chelsea Manning has more courage and decency in her right pinky than you’ve ever had in the entirety of your existence.

  2. Tyler says

    Adam and Kev C are just aliases if Rick. Out of the six comments on this thread so far, Rick has posted 3 of them under 3 different names, to make it seem as though people actually agree with his conservative, anti-Trans ideas. Too bad he’s so obvious.

  3. Petes says

    90% of native Americans were killed by disease, and the ones that were left were far more likely to be killed by other indians than white settlers, but, clearly, white people are the evil ones.

  4. Zeus says

    I put this waste of life in the same bucket as Edward Snowden. All they did was put our diplomatic and foreign service people at risk.

    Before you queens go off on how he “revealed the truth”, try having someone in your family who is constantly at risk living in some place like Nairobi or Dar es Salaam or Tunis. Our foreign service and State Department folks deserve protection and safety. And this total ZERO destroyed that.

    I hope they tear him a new one in jail.

  5. Bill says

    For 2 reasons, I am really glad that Bradley Manning wrote this article. First, he helpfully let the prison officials know about his profound moral reservations about Thanksgiving. So now, the prison can honor his position by making sure that he gets nothing resembling a good meal on Thursday. I hope they give him a big heaping tray of Nutriloaf aka prison loaf. He can eat that and REALLY show how transgressive he is.

    Second reason I love this essay: The only hope that Manning has for a future life is early release. Early release is not a right. It is a privilege which he will have to earn by demonstrating that he has genuinely understood and is remorseful for his crimes (and remember, he has admitted to crimes and has apologized for them) and that he has changed.

    So now, only a few months after being convicted, he pens a haughty moral and political sermon, wherein he casts moral judgments on all manner of persons and scolds society in general for its various sins (as determined by him), but has not a word to say about his recent crimes. You can be certain that this essay will be an exhibit at his early release hearing in a decade and he will wish he hadn’t wrote it. So good work, Bradley! Please keep writing!

  6. Bill says

    Kiwi/Tyler, not sure who that was addressed to, but the answer is that it is not anyone’s burden to point to specific people he put at risk. In fact, that evidence was provided at his trial, but it wasn’t necessary to convict him. If I steal credit card numbers and post them online, I don’t get acquitted just because no one used them. At most, it might be used to argue for a lesser sentence.

  7. says

    Tyler and I are not the same person. You, however, are a miserable troll eunuch who doesn’t have the balls to make any of his bigoted comments from a place of honesty and visiblity. Which is to be expected, and I’m relieved. As long as you cowards don’t have the cojones to speak up visibly, your pathetic bigotry will die off in the closet with you. Werk.

  8. Tyler says

    Bill, you know kiwi and I aren’t the same person. But your rants are suspiciously similar to those of our resident troll, Rick. In fact, you two agree on a lot if things. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you are one of his aliases. Perhaps that’s why you’re trying to deflect attention.

  9. Michael Bedwell says

    Dear Ms. Manning: Admirable thoughts in many ways but diminished by factual inaccuracies and fantasies. First, it was the Wampanoag people not the Pequot who helped the Plymouth Colony survive. While the many examples of literal or effectual genocide of Native Americans by European settlers was reprehensible and should never be forgotten, your hesitancy over Thanksgiving smacks of no more than what “Margo Channing” called “cheap sentiment.”

    Your assertion that “Martin Luther King Jr., [chose] to embrace the struggles of striking sanitation workers in Memphis over lobbying in Washington, D.C.” is nonsensical. He would have continued to do BOTH because there was no “either/or.”

    Finally, NO, Harvey Milk was NOT “the first openly gay politician in the U.S.” We believe that you genuinely want to be “thankful” for “human rights pioneers,” but you can better demonstrate that gratitude by being better informed. As outline below, FOUR people came before Milk:

    1st – Kathy Kozachenko, Ann Arbor, Mich., City Council, elected April 1, 1974.
    2nd – Elaine Noble, Massachusetts House of Representatives, elected November 5, 1974.
    3rd – Allan Spear, Minnesota State Senate, reelected November 1976 after coming out publicly in 1974.
    4th – Jim Yeadon, Madison, Wis., City Council, elected April 5, 1977.
    5th – Harvey Milk, San Francisco Board of Supervisors, elected November 8, 1977.

    Pax vobiscum.

  10. Bill says

    Tyler –

    You are Kiwi.

    I, however, am not Rick. In fact, I wasted an hour of my life arguing with Rick in a thread about ENDA. I find it funny that you and a few others try so hard to convince yourselves that all the people who disagree with you comprise are really just 1 horrible, evil, miserable person, and that if he can just be targeted and destroyed, all would be right. The Christians do that, and call him the devil. In fact, there is no devil. There are just people with different ideas. Rick is right about some things and wrong about others. So are you and so am I.

    Why not try to persuade people of your position? Rather than constantly hunting for the devil and calling on people to commit suicide, why not make good arguments and listen with an open mind?

  11. I wont grow up says

    Leave it to a liberal rag like Time magazine to give this treasonous traitor a forum. Your time in the sun is over Bradley, settle in and enjoy your time in prison. As a gay man I am offended that you attach yourself to the gay community. By your own admission your are a transsexual not a gay man. As a tax payer and USMC veteran I’ll be damned if I’ll pay for you to get “the chop”.

  12. Tom says

    @I Won’t Grow Up

    Agree 100%. And thanks for your service. 70,000 LGB Americans are serving honorably in the armed forces and should never be tainted with the acts of this criminal, who is not gay.

  13. ALLIEFOO says

    @TOM I’m not a huge supporter of Manning either but pretty sure there are also many trans people serving in our armed forces with honot as well. As an army brat I even know a number. It’s sad that they’re now shadowed by Manning’s actions.

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