1. Grant says

    I am truly embarrassed for these guys..
    there is a far more sophisticated way of being sexy and this is no.where near it..
    gay men need to stop thinking that dancing around and shaking your ass is might be sexy to some much like a lap dance by a thong wearing topless woman is to a drunken droolin straight guy..
    this is exactly why gay men have the reputation we do..
    its not required..
    there is many alternate ways of truly sexy and this isnt it

  2. Jesus says

    Using my body to wash a car is not really what I thought I’d be “taking like a man”, but I’m open to other alternatives.

  3. Fenrox says

    You know, I kinda like this twerk-hot-pants hybrid. At first it was so glaring, those horrible little underwear in so many horrible unflattering colors, cuts and designs. But they SLOWLY started to figure out a flattering cut and diversified the colors and fabrics so normal people can wear them. I still don’t like them, at all, but if you are an endowed dude THEY ARE AMAZING.

    For the first time you can get underwear that covers everything without making a sock and lets it all move around. Before only strippers, good strippers could do that, now anyone can! I think it’s fun, I hope we get 70’s style bulges as a norm again.

  4. Henry Holland says

    So, on gay blogs Elton John is the modern incarnation of Satan because he played Sun City back in the day, but because Cher is a “fierce DIVA!!!!”, she gets a pass for doing the same.

    Got it.

  5. Tristram says

    Thanks for the free porn andrew Christian but I still don’t know why anyone would buy your underwear. Is it any good towleroaders?

  6. Tristram says

    Thanks for the free porn andrew Christian but I still don’t know why anyone would buy your underwear. Is it any good towleroaders?

  7. woodroad34 says

    I think Broadway Bares does it better. There’s just such a “Twinks on the Prowl” feel to it.


    There is sexy and there is tacky. Sadly this video is more of the latter, but hey, keep trying, I don’t oppose.

  9. Luke says

    Andrew Christian underwear is overpriced and not really flattering. Sure, it looks okay on a model, but so should any underwear.

  10. StudioTodd says

    Does anyone else find the current trend of narcissism (“cockiness,” “swagger,” whatever-you-wanna-call-it) completely un-sexy?

    Give me a guy who may have some flaws, but is not a self-conscious, preening, mirror-obsessed camera-whore–believing he is entitled to a higher level of respect, appreciation or consideration based on his self-perceived “hotness”–and flaunting and boasting about it constantly.

    Self-confidence is fine, but all this self-obsessed self-adoration is a huge turn-off to me…I find nothing more attractive than someone who goes about his life unaware of how attractive he is.

  11. el polacko says

    a little body hair would have helped. this waxed, shaved, and plucked look is very 80’s gay guy/2014 straight guy.

  12. FFS says

    Would have been hotter without the underwear.

    Don’t hate, Grant, just because nobody wants to watch your spare tire jiggle.