Chick-Fil-A Bigot CEO Dan Cathy Receiving Equality Award


Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy is receiving an EQUALITY award from the Urban League of Greater Atlanta at its prestigious Equal Opportunity Day Dinner in November, Fenuxe reports:

 This year’s theme is “Celebrating Champions of Justice and Equality.”

Honorees of the prestigious recognition this year include Congressman John Lewis, who is truly a shining beacon of equality, civil rights, and justice for all and Chick-fil-A CEO Dan T. Cathy. You may remember Cathy and the statements he made against gay marriage that sparked headlines throughout the world and a boycott of the chicken restaurant.

Yes, Dan Cathy has since made amends with gay rights activist groups and has stopped donating to organizations that are overtly anti-gay, but his position on gay marriage remains the same. And the corporation is seemingly still donating large sums to organizations like the Marriage & Family Foundation and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which both promote marriage in the ‘biblical sense’ and are strongly and openly opposed to same-sex marriage.

So, Chick-fil-A has basically taken steps to make themselves look better because it was hurting their business … but nothing really changed.

That civil rights hero John Lewis and Cathy would be put in the same sentence, much less on the same stage together is revolting.

UPDATE: The ULGA defends the award in a Facebook post.


  1. Robert says

    Does anyone know the Urban League’s position on LGBT issues? This is largely an African American focused group, and as such, obviously gives more weight to issues surrounding AA equality. Of course, as far as I’m concerned, any organization devoted to equality, acceptance and inclusiveness should do so on a universal basis, and should fight for the equality of ALL oppressed and overlooked groups.

  2. Ann Mason says

    We don’t always know why some people receive awards. Obviously, in this case the award isn’t being given for good character.

    I had an elementary school teacher who had once been honored for her genius in working with children. Don’t get me started on her!

  3. says

    Couldn’t agree more with your closing statement. Lewis really is a civil rights hero. Cathy is rich from selling processed, chemical laden fast food and donates to discriminatory organizations. That the donations are no longer going to the worst offenders just means he’s a savvy businessman.

  4. GregV says

    I wondered what kind of people were running this organization, but their website seems to be down.
    Meanwhile, they’ve posted an “explanation” on their Facebook page explaining that they themselves are in favor of equality, but they gave the award to him because he’d given money to various charities.
    The Facebook comments are overwhelmingly opposed to this excuse and some are urging John Lewis to decline the award because of the tainted circumstances.

  5. Mike Ryan says

    Continue to boycott. Continue to place Chic fil-A in a negative light. The idea that any organization would give this man an award for his “equality” is utter nonsense which means the organization itself is full of nonsense and can’t be taken seriously. Boycott Chic dil-A.

  6. Jim says

    I guess the Urban League’s policy is this: as long as we get ours, who cares if somebody else gets screwed. Martin Luther King wanted justice for all. The Urban League is satisfied with justice for “just us.”

  7. Chevytexas says

    The Urban League is populated by elderly Christians, no matter how politically adept many think them, and regularly demonstrate their loss of currency, this isn’t limited to Black churchies in Atlabta although it’s they he has paid charitable ransom to. Just another mafia

  8. Jim says

    I read the Urban League’s facebook defense. Here’s the question they should answer: If Dan Cathy had said about black people what he’s said about gay people, would the Urban League still give him this award?

  9. Francis #1 says

    Just another example that homophobia still isn’t really seen as equal to other forms of discrimination.

    Disgraceful, pathetic decision from the ATL Urban League and Urban League HQ for not putting the clamps down on this.

  10. jjose712 says

    Jasper: Yes, but you can be the man of the year for a lot of negative reasons, it’s not an award of solidarity or for you hard word.
    Unfortunately, Hitler and Stalin were very important (for a lot of sad reasons).

    this is an award to equality, and they give it to a man who doesn’t believe in equality at all

  11. acorlando says

    Say no more. From their FB page:
    We based the award on the following initiatives of the Foundation:

    1) The Chick-fil-A Foundation recently made a significant investment in the Foundation’s first major capital project, Junior Achievement’s Chick-fil-A Foundation Discovery Center. It is designed to build financial literacy for Atlanta’s youth.

  12. Pluto says

    I am a proud gay man who eats at CFA once a week. It just makes me smile knowing how much hate I am spreading every time I take a bite of that delicious chicken biscuit.

  13. Jake says

    The Urban League has its own mission, which does not necessarily include gay rights. They have that right. Many Americans do not consider gay rights part of civil rights. We can disagree with that, but people are allowed to have different value judgments. Also, calling someone “bigot” does not win the argument for you; in fact, it tends to make people think you are immature and lack merit for your positions.

  14. GregV says

    @Jake: Your comment sounds like one of those cut-and-paste right-wing talking points that is used to respond without bothering to comprehend anything anyone you ‘re addressing has actually said.
    From your first sentence, it sounds like you didn’t read the Urban League’s defense of the award (which says that they DO consider sexual orientation a category of civil rights that they defend).

    Civil rights /human rights are about rights for all of humanity. Anyone who thinks thst rights are only for “me ” or “the groups to which I belong” (whether that person be a dictator or a member of a larger privileged class –like a Saudi man standing in the way of women voting and driving — or a member of a historically less-privileged group) is not really for civil rights at all but for self-interest and greed.

    Your comment about “shutting down a conversation with the word bigot,” too sounds like Right-Wing Talking Point #6. Nobody here used that word. How about if someone actually refers to someone with that word, you take a look at the person to whom they’re referring in order to see whether the word actually is a suitable description or whether it was uncalled-for.

  15. GregV says

    Edit to my comment: The word “bigot” is used in the headline, but it’s used to refer to Dan Cathy (not to the people who gave him the award), and if we look at the indefensible comments he has said in the past, nothing seems unsuitable about the label.

    @TonyJazz: Exactly. I do really wonder how the Urban League would react if the Grand Dragon saw this award and came to them saying: “We gave money to a whites-only soup kitchen and to a group that teaches kids in our neighborhood to do math, and for several months we haven’t financed the anti-black murderers overseas who got our donations last year. Can we get an award, too?”

  16. customartist says

    Atlanta Urban League
    Nancy Flake Johnson | President and CEO
    Direct phone: (404) 659-6575

    Atlanta Urban League
    229 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 300
    Atlanta, GA 30303-1600

    Mr. Herman Andrews
    Mr. Gregg Barber
    Mr. John A. Berry
    Ms. Moanica Caston
    Dr. DeRetta Cole
    Stacy Cole
    Ms. Pamela Cross
    Dr. Joyce Dorsey
    Ms. Karen Brewer-Edwards
    Ms. Janicka A. Green
    Ms. Francey Hakes
    Atty. Kenneth B. Hodges, III
    Mr. Michael Johnson
    Mr. Matthew Levin
    Mr. Nick Nelson
    Ms. Gail Nutt
    Mr. Glenn Patton
    Mr. Mark Pitts
    Mr. Ernest W. Quarles
    Ms. Myra Reeves
    Mr. Daraka Satcher
    Dr. Jabari Simama
    Ms. Ciji Tatum
    Ms. Deborah A. Thomas
    Mr. Otis Threatt
    Mr. Carl A. Tims
    Ms. Charmaine Ward
    Mr. John Wirtz

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