1. disgusted american says

    ohhh dear gawd…could u imagine him in the WH? An extremely Unattractive family, and NOT visially a good example of America(ns), besides being a Greedy, hateful GOP ahole.

  2. jamal49 says

    All flash, all bluster, no substance. His reelection doesn’t speak well for New Jersey voters. Fortunately, and in spite of his being an acceptable “media conservative”, Christie will never get the GOP nomination for President and he will crash and burn before he even gets out of the starting gate.

  3. FanzyPanz says

    Yeah, this just makes me think New Jerseyans are idiots. You vote for a blowhard because you like him rather than based on his policies, most of which you disagree with. Likeability is one thing, but the reality is, he’s a conservative. Period. He’s just duped people into thinking he isn’t. It is very reminiscent of the attraction people had for George W. Bush. Hey, he’s just like me! Fat, stupid, and angry.

  4. Nellie says

    Just because he won in New Jersey, where he happens to be very popular, doesn’t mean he has a chance in being the next president.

  5. kaccompany says

    Hopefully, this is Chris Christie’s last successful run for office. If you watch the first 40 seconds or so of Dave’s monologue, you see why we don’t need Christie’s finger anywhere near the button. The man has anger issues. It’s not that I can’t appreciate NJ electing the guy they’d want to have a beer with… clearly that served us well as a nation when we elected W for two terms.

  6. HadenoughBS says

    Hey, all you NJ Dems who voted for Chris Christie yesterday, he IS and will continue to be a conservative Rethuglican. How in the hell could you help re-elect this short-tempered big mouth as your Governor? Amazing, simply amazing!

    No thanks to you, I only hope Christie is considered too moderate by the Rethuglican Teahadist base when they choose their 2016 presidential candidate.

  7. Eric says

    As a life-long Democrat, I have to say that the Democratic Party is doing almost everything they can to set themselves up for a disastrous 2016. The problems with the NSA, CIA, FBI, TSA, and militarization of our police are already making many people consider that if a candidate comes along that promises to restore the Constitution, it might be worth the risk, even if that candidate is from another party, and even if that candidate might delay progress on other issues, or they might ordinarily find totally unacceptable.

  8. Jack M says

    Is that his twin sister? Looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

  9. hugo says

    I watched him speak last night and it was all Me Me Me – see what I did. He’s also quickly becoming this Giuliani copy in the sense of verb/noun/”Sandy”.

  10. Mike says

    Hope that he IS the nominee for the RepubliCAN’T Party. (The only good thing that you can say about this is that it FINALLY put the last nail in the coffin of the deservedly disgraced “Tea Party”.


  11. anon says

    It’s very early to speculate on 2016. Right now we have a wide open field for both parties and a lot of time to kill. For Republicans the problem is the vast swath of Southern state primaries all in a row that make running on personality very difficult. You essentially need surrogate endorsements in those states. Romney left a void there that would probably get filled either by Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum at this point. Christie would do very well in coastal states outside the south and probably Illinois. Ted Cruz is disqualified because he was born in Canada. Marco Rubio would probably block Christie from getting too many minority votes and also do well among Catholics. Any talk about a frontrunner is silly.

  12. woody says

    When he spoke at the RNC that officially nominated Romney, it was all about him too. Romney was furious.
    Christie has always been a bully, shouting down any citizen who challenges him in any public forum. He’s like the straight kid who threatened you in middle school.
    Unfortunately, some people think that’s leadership.
    He’s been bad for the economy of New Jersey. He should never have killed the Hudson River tunnel. And spending over $20 million on a special senate election two weeks before election day just to ensure that Buono doesn’t get any help from Corey Booker’s coattails was inexcusable. Costing New Jersey voters that much money just so he’ll look better to the national GOP was pretty much stealing $20 million from the people of New Jersey.
    I hope those of you who say he can’t win nationally are correct. I’m not so sure. The national GOP got behind Romney even though the evangelicals in the South and Midwest had no love for him. Batist fundamentalist leaders hate Mormons, but the GOP ran Romney anyway. The same can happen with Christie or a Christie/Rubio ticket.
    Ted Cruz doesn’t stand a chance.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    I wish I could’ve went across the bridge to vote for Barbara Buono yesterday. I stopped at home and had a few drinks before I went out to vote. When I got to the polling spot I told the little Jewish ladies who were on duty that I was a DEMOCRAT. One of them said, “so what else is new” (she said it with a smile).

    I haven’t a clue about most of the folks I voted for–just the straight Democratic ticket. (no pun intended with “straight”)

  14. Wavin' Dave says

    Jersey gets what Jersey deserves.
    We’ll see how America handles a pig. I suggest BBQ.

  15. woody says

    he’ll be thin in by 2016, dave, as he had his stomach stitched half closed back in January. he’s plannin’ ahead…

  16. sailingsam says

    Why are you featuring this guy? He is against marriage equality and is all talk and no real action….

  17. Rick says

    Chris Christie will be the next President of the United States. Book it.

    Fat butt, Jersey accent, and all.

    People are sick of the Clintons and do not want one party to have a total lock on the White House and Christie is moderate enough to attract swing voters in swing states.

    And relax, he will be totally harmless to gay people–he is not a homophobe.

  18. jarago says

    Governor Christie did an excellent job during the hurricane disaster – I do not agree with all his views but he deserved to get re-elected.

  19. tagg says

    Im at a loss as to how or why a DEM would ever vote for a REPUB over a DEM? What has he done for NJ that would make a plurality vote for him? Just plan mind boggling.

  20. tagg says

    Im at a loss as to how or why a DEM would ever vote for a REPUB over a DEM? What has he done for NJ that would make a plurality vote for him? Just plan mind boggling.

  21. FFS says

    Rick, I’m buying you a dictionary for Christmas. You’ve proven, yet again, that you fail to grasp the meanings of most common words. People who oppose marriage equality are quintessential (Oops! Sorry. How about “text book,” instead? Two syllables are about as succinct as I can make it. Can you handle all that?) homophobes.

    C’mon, atherosclerosis!!!!